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What’s it all about, Keene Point of View?

In a world where gays are referred to as the scum of the Earth by the likes of Westboro Baptist Church and others who claim to know and love Jesus, I just got tired of hearing one side of the argument. I don’t think there should be sides; rather, there should be love shown to gays just like love is shown to heterosexuals in the church.

It’s the Christian church’s fault why there are so many Atheists and Agnostics in the gay community. Gays come out (or are confused) as teens and tell someone who’s loved them without condition all their lives, then suddenly those gay newbies are treated like premeditated murderers. It has to stop.

Politically, no laws will change hearts or minds, but legislation can be put in place to at least legally protect those who need it most. Besides, it’s fun (for me) to comment on politics.

Finally, I felt led to do this since January 2012 and slept on it throughout all of 2012 even though God kept prodding me all year to get it set up. Thus, this site was born. By the way, “Keene” is a play on words as it’s my name and means sharp when spelled the other way (“keen”).

Thanks for joining me on this ride! Let’s see where it ends up!

Keene Point of View: Where Politics, Gay Issues, and Christianity live and love openly in a happy ménage à trois.


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