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Friday News Roundup (tm The Diane Rehm Show)

1. Boss says don’t stress over job situation while on bench awaiting contract. Okay. I know Who holds my tomorrow in His Hands, but I do wonder when I’ll be back/on the contract I want. But I don’t want to “rush” anything before its time. I am working on things, however, which is good.

2. This (click “This”) is some bull-ish (I haven’t decided on whether or not to use profanity in this blog. I’m going to have posts about my faith in Jesus and my undying love and devotion for Him, so that might be construed as corrupt communication, but sometimes things are just f-ed up and you can’t always say “f”). Michelle Bachmann (and I’m sure other conservatives) signed a pledge promising to ban pornography (that is sort of illegal as the SCOTUS has repeatedly upheld pornography as freedom of speech. It’s a promise as empty as pledging to overturn Roe v. Wade – ain’t gonna happen). Within the ban, however, is a statement that basically says that President Barack Obama is worse than slavery for black kids.

Aside from the overt tone-deafness of this pledge and the utterly racist white idiots who wrote it, there is layer upon layer (upon layer) of wrong here. There are problems with racism, elitism, class, ignorance, and stupidity here. What gets noticed after the outrage of white people using slavery (an institution that has had such a long-reaching negative effect on American Blacks) to score cheap political points with other white people, is that the gross disparity between white and black nuclear families would be what it is today regardless of who was in office. To include Obama in the argument is only for political posturing. He has nothing to do with this. What is most appalling are the people who are defending this pledge. I guess they feel that saying that Obama is worse than slavery for blacks is “educating blacks on how Obama is bad for them” (to paraphrase Newt Gingrich). Listen, tone-deaf whites who want to reach out to blacks politically: you cannot do that from a patronizing standpoint. You lose before you begin. This goes for anyone trying to reach out to minority groups with a belief that you know what’s best for other people. Have a seat. Forever. You might learn something.

3. If I’m your friend, I expect that you can come to me if you have a problem with me. I do not expect to hear, many months later after something happened, that you have an issue with me stemming from that time. How can I know that I am not a good friend to you if you don’t tell me that I’m being a bad friend? I’ve let you know when you’re being a bad friend to me. I expect and demand the same of you. If you cannot do that, please utilize the nearest Maturity Booth for an upgrade ASAP NOW.

4. Someone bought my used car I traded in! This made me feel proud in some way, like, I took care of a product so well that someone else who had a need bought it. I know it’s terribly geeky and unpopular, but it made me feel good in some way. I saw the car while leaving the dealership when I took my new car in to get some things checked on it. I took pictures. Haha.

5. Family reunion planning is normally fun for me. There are, however, a few individuals who can suck all the fun out of it more effectively than a Dyson sucking up dust in an abandoned 1-room sharecropper’s house in the backwoods of North Carolina. I’ve either directly planned or helped to plan 11 family reunions since 1996. Aside from about maybe 4 of them, the planning has normally been fun. I love my family (immediate and extended) so much more dearly than they know. It just troubles me when we let little hiccups in the planning process turn personal and start attacking people for their ideas when they either outrank your position in an office or on a committee (yes, we go HARD with our planning organization), or you got outvoted on an idea.

Another thing I can’t stand is the roadblocks people in the planning process. The only time my family gets on my nerves in general is dealing with money for the reunion not being there when requested and needed. Otherwise, I feel I’m okay with the planning process unless you have someone who is just blocking everything for reasons that cannot be fully understood.

So, the conference call last night was scheduled to be 20 minutes long. It took one hour and twenty-eight minutes to have the call! It was mostly due to people trying to rehash decisions that were already made. Finally, we had to just shut it down and move forward, even after things tried to be brought up again. Then the call got derailed with financial talk and some talk about switching restaurants to a very expensive option to eliminate driving, but the cheaper restaurant did not require a deposit, so we wound up choosing that option. But first, we spent ten minutes talmbout the more expensive option. I was throwing things in my living room mentally. It’s sad that it can require so little to turn something fun into something you dread doing.

But I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.*

*Okay, maybe with some changes and some attitudes changed. Because seriously? Seriously? Just, no. Be gone from this place!

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