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There are some things I do not like about Hollywood celebrities, although I aspire to be one. (Yeah, I know, “Good luck with that,” but there’s hope for me based upon some of the stuff I see out there.) First, some of them do not act human anymore. I realize that fortune doesn’t change people; rather, it simply allows them to reveal who they really are. I get that; however, you don’t have to be weird for the sake of being weird. What is the purpose of owning an emu that you walk through your neighborhood? How much attention can you honestly crave? I will not talk about sexual fetishes or things like that because we all have our things that get us off, and I’m not one to judge. (Besides, some stuff is…heyyyyyy! *high fives*)

Second, I don’t like how some are considered actors and they cannot act. They get paid these huge paychecks and wrongfully classify their occupations as actors, but they cannot act. They are getting paid to a) be pretty and b) be themselves on camera. If they were true actors (like they mostly train on the East Coast), you could see some versatility in their different roles. This is sorely lacking in many celebrities today who make their living as actors. I mean, at least take lessons to improve what you do, but no, you just keep collecting a big check for doing mediocre work that sells high, and suddenly you’re a star and that’s all that matters. Go buy your emu.

Third, reality TV stars. I have never, ever, liked the concept of reality television unless it served a competitive purpose as in The Amazing Race. I do not mean The Bachelor(ette) competition, but real competition where you have to do some physical or mental exercises to win. As much as I find/found Flava of Love, Flava of Love: Charm School, The Real Housewives of Orange County (just Season 1)/Atlanta/Beverly Hills/New Jersey irresistible, I still don’t fully “ship” the concept. Studios have turned to reality television as a cheap way to produce a show and still pull in the big money from the advertisers. That way, they can keep more money than they would if they had to pay producers, writers, actors, and a crew. There’s business and then there’s greed. Actors are out there hungry and starving for work, and then they have to compete with whomever won American Idol for a spot on Broadway, when the starving artists has years of training and dues paid to get that chance. They don’t get it, but it goes to the new reality TV show winner just to sell seats, even if they can’t act a lick. That’s wrong. Why turn people away from the arts when their parents do that for them by judging their chosen career path with all its unsureness? Furthermore, why are you famous just for appearing on television? Do I need to do that to give my Arts career a boost? I want more than 15 minutes of fame, though.

Fourth, any celebrity on Twitter. A lot of times it is best to be thought of as smart. There are some celebrities on Twitter who do not care about being thought of as smart. They always type with typos, misquote song lyrics and other people, try to sound #intelligents with witty sayings or what they think are insightful thoughts, and generally make me wish they would hire an English professor to tweet for them. Some of them are not smart, either, in just figuring out simple things. I always enjoy reading the ones who are smart, though. There is nothing sexier than a truly talented celebrity who deserves every bit of fame and success he or she has knowing how to conjugate English verbs correctly to express a complete thought.

I’ll just keep on with my normal non-celebrity (for now) life, though. At least it’s an honest one.

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