Party Identity Crises

| October 24, 2011 | 0 Comments

While observing the political landscape of the Republicans (GOP) and Democrats (Dems) I think what we’re seeing is an identity crisis on both sides of the aisle. The GOP has a bigger issue than the Dems do, but we’re still seeing this crisis. Both parties are at a loss trying to either recapture or rediscover who they are.

Dems are fighting being overtaken by left-wing liberals (aka Progressives) who have a more socialized view of how America should be. These people seem to be winning controlling the narrative of the party because I only see and hear whining from Dems nationally about how unfairly the GOP is operating and governing. This mirrors the Professional Left’s whining sans action about everything Obama does, even if they wind up agreeing with his strategy and approach three months later (and act like they were on board the entire time). The Professional Left seems to want to push the Democratic party to the left more and more, yet blame the Tea Party for wanting to push the GOP to the right more and more. It remains to be seen just how this will play out when everyone in the Dem camp gets equal time to speak out at the same time.

Meanwhile, the GOP is having an identity crisis with trying to decide who they are. This is culminating in their current Presidential field. There is a hodgepodge of candidates with Huntsman being the most sensible one. However, as Ron Paul has proven (only on his best days before you dig down deep enough to realize he’s low-key crazy and kind of racist), you cannot have the most sensible plan and claim to be part of the GOP these days and succeed. Romney is flip-flopping fighting being perceived as liberal with trying to appeal to the more zealously right-wing elements of his party. Herman Cain appeals to the simple-fix side of the party and that lovely feeling of him being a true outsider. Perry appeals to Southern white GOP voters and sympathizers who either idolized George Bush or like people who have Southern accents and an affinity for cowboy boots and guns. Otherwise, Gingrich needs to shut up, Bachmann is only a legend in her own mind at this point, Paul keeps truth-telling himself out of a job, and Santorum is trying desperately to cling to any relevance.

To me, this embodies the current state of the Grand Old Party. They’ve accepted everyone (except gays and blacks who disagreed with their way of thinking) and now everyone is speaking at the same time. The entire party doesn’t even agree fully on immigration, education, debt, and even President Obama’s record if you listen to people within the party versus those running for an office (by this, I mean that I’ve talked to several moderate GOPers who plan to vote for Obama, again, because they feel he’s actually doing an overall good job and the best shot at competent leadership that we have considering the options).

We might be seeing a political party in its final throes if they don’t get it together. They’re acting more and more radical by the day to make their lasting mark on the country, even if they’re not there to oversee it. I think Dems are next, but they won’t get to make a lasting mark, just break up. We may be watching the birth of a third (or more) political party coming out of dissatisfaction among party members. It would be about time.

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