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As I sit in this office close to lunch (this freezing office where I am wearing a skull cap, sweater, and now my feet are cold inside my shoes and socks), I went on Twitter to catch the news from the day.

First are the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain, which he says were false allegations, but did not deny that they occurred or that he harassed the women. He also denies knowing about a settlement. Give me a break, Uncle Ruckus. You were the CEO and Legal didn’t let you know about the settlement?

Second is news of New England having power outages due to the record October snowfall. Some places got a foot of snow or more in October! It started sticking in DC on Saturday. What is the world coming to?

Third is news that as of this morning, the 7 billionth person was born in the world. I think the Earth can handle it. One-fifth of the world simply has to eat less, which I think we can afford to do, for the most part. (I realize it’s more complicated than that, but it’s a start.)

Fourth is news of matrimonial bliss videotaped for approximately $17 million coming to an end 72 days later. Kim Kardashian (admittedly, I don’t follow her) is getting divorced. There are several things I find wrong with the concept, idea, execution, and fame-whoring of the Kardashian clan.

1. They’re the reason working actors can’t work. Along with other reality TV shows, gone are the days when writers were hired for creative their creative talents to help create original content. Now they’re struggling to find work, making up stuff for free on the Internet, or trying to write in other ways because they can’t break into an industry that is dominated now by money-saving reality shows promoting people of marginal interest into the stratosphere as “stars” who actually do nothing worthwhile as far as talent is concerned, unless she’s getting her back blown out on tape by an R&B star’s little brother just to take a loss (an “L”) for her family to break their way into getting paid to be famous for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

2. You actually have kids and adults looking up to them like they’re doing something worthwhile. They’re not. They got famous off of a sex tape, then we all remembered that her father help get O.J. off for murder, and her mother was proven to be a wise businesswoman because they’re all branded and making money now for no reason besides the fact that they like living above Sunset Boulevard.

3. Now Kim is getting divorced. Khloe has everything that Kim wants but didn’t have to pay a dime to get it, okay? So, Kim is getting a divorce after making $17 million on her wedding. Amazing. I even doubt that the wedding wasn’t another way to just make some quick money. Why not just have a party? Why go through all the charade of a wedding and marriage if you’re really not…wait, why am I trying to make sense of what a fame whore does?

4. Kim is yet another reason why we must do all we can to respect the sanctity of marriage and keep it only for straight people. Clearly, they know what they’re doing and don’t exploit it for personal gain or notoriety.

And that’s the news of the world for today, Monday October 31, 2011. Happy Halloween! (I went as a Jester on Saturday night. No, there won’t be any pics posted. I feel it was my worst makeup job and costume for Halloween ever.)

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