Dear Democrats

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Dear Democrats,

While I left your party in 2004 to pursue Independent interests (having voted for several GOP candidates in 2002 and 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland, and Bowie, Maryland, and feeling that the party was becoming more liberal than centrist), I must say that the GOP is beating you soundly in many areas. They are winning the most at controlling the narrative.

President Barack Hussein Obama, for whom I voted and plan to again, is the only Democrat out there willing to say what needs to be said to get anything done. He’s left with nothing else but taking his case to the people directly combining that with his 2012 campaign. Sure, he says he’s concerned about the next 13 months for the country, as we all are, but some of that concern surely is shared with his aspirations for the 2012 elections. He does not want to see all of his hard work, now resorted to Executive Orders, overturned on Day 1 of a new GOP president who will probably keep some in place upon review of what they actually do, even if unpopular.

You seem content to let that scenario play out, Democrats. Where is the trumpeting of things that Obama has done right that has actually worked? Even within your own party you are publicly disagreeing with your President while the GOP, even if they disagree with one another, will not sit out an election; will not say but so much against someone in their own party; will only go so far once it gets closer to Election Day. You, on the other hand, seem content to stop him at every turn if you can.

Locally, your political game needs tweaking because it’s an embarrassment. Why are you in danger of losing Democratically held Senate seats in Virginia? I’ve neither heard nothing nor seen anything to combat this. Where is the fire you had from 2008? Did you really pin your hopes on one man hoping that he could Jesus-Miracle-Water-Into-Wine-5,000-Fish this mess? Is Obama a genie now? You sound just as pathetic as those voters who are now disillusioned with Obama. Your support is muted at best. Even GWB’s detractors within his own party didn’t seem to detract much when he was in office. They only spoke up for No Child Left Behind it seems.

What are you doing Democrats? You are coming off as lazy, too concerned with offending anyone, and not wanting to appear bold. Meanwhile, the GOP is sticking to their lies, half truths (and sometimes truths told twice per year) and winning hearts and minds. While that will not last in the long-term, it will work for the short-term in hopes they can lay out the framework for the long-term. They’re even winning that too with all these anti-abortion and voter restriction laws they’re putting into place.

You’re sitting there and letting this happen. Part of me wonders if you are okay with this and if the two parties really are the same at the end of the day. Sure, there are some working to make a difference, but you’re largely taking a full comfy chartered bus back seat to the shenanigans they’re putting forth.

Start trumpeting your won accomplishments. Why do I have to read independent blogs to get factual information. You have more facts than most from what I see out here, so stop leaving it to MSNBC and bloggers to get the word out. GET OUT THE WORD YOURSELVES. Talk to people. Stop relying solely on email, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Stop letting GOP reps get all the media camera time.

You are responsible for re-firing up your base and even those who aren’t your base. Time is running out and you don’t seem to care that this 2012 election could very well spell the end of your party getting any inroads in politics ever again in this country, even if the GOP is in their death throes and will exist on life-support if they get back in power in 2012. I strongly believe they’re on their way out in their present form (until they eject the Tea Party), but they are pulling your plug by getting power of attorney over you even as you protest otherwise.

Stop being lazy. Stop pinning your failures as an exciting political party on Obama. He’s one person. Granted, he’s the most visible person of you all, but he’s one person. Get it together before you’re gone.



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