Penn State Scandal

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

I just want to say the following things about the Penn State child molestation scandal:

1. Joe Paterno did not witness what happened and fulfilled his legal obligation as far as alerting his superiors to the complaint. However, I feel that something more could have been done morally. I know it is a hard thing to accuse someone of, but there was an eyewitness. The school had the janitor on record as saying he saw something heinous. I wish there was more of an effort to connect the strings. Why didn’t he press the investigation further? Why didn’t the officials do anything about it? Why did they lie to a grand jury? Why didn’t someone inform the police when there are at least two documented cases with eyewitnesses? It’s one thing if something is a rumor with no evidence, but it’s something else when it’s seen at least twice. It’s a heavy accusation to make, but

2. I do not want to believe they would value winning, money, sponsorships, and other deals above the safety of children.

3. As a victim of sexual abuse, I do not like where this is heading. Jerry Sandusky and his wife adopted six children and took in many foster children. I know that more will come out about this, but my heart goes out to all those he victimized.

4. I am happy that this is coming out, though, if only to finally get some justice and hopefully stop something from continually occurring.

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