Herman Cain Scandal

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

I would like to say the following about the Herman Cain scandal:

1. Five women is a lot. I’m just saying. Will more come out? Only time will tell.

2. For him to say that he doesn’t remember things happening? That’s offensive to those he allegedly offended. Two women stand by their stories anonymously (well, one was revealed in the Rupert Murdoch-owned The Daily for no reason whatsoever, but what more can you expect from the company that owns Fox News and News of the World – they’re not known for reputable journalism…anymore), and two more have gone public. The fifth woman isn’t an accuser, but noted that she felt uncomfortable with his actions and requests to have a private dinner with a woman.

3. The media needs to stop the alleged victim-blaming. “Why would she have drinks and dinner with a married man? What kind of woman is she? She’s currently unemployed.” None of that matters. If you listen to these men who make these stories in the media, it would seem that you have to be a nun from birth to be considered a victim of sexual harassment and/or assault.

4. Groping in the car? Boo. Claiming you never even met Sharon Bialek? Boo.

5. It’s gotten so bad with Cain blaming them, calling them names, having his people evade questions, his misadventures with his haphazard memory, and overall bungling of this matter that two women are willing to hold a joint press conference to clear their names. I don’t know if that will work, considering how a woman can’t even get a fair trial for rape in this country unless, again, she is a nun from birth.

6. His campaign has completely bungled this mess. First, he denied it. Second, he denied any settlement. Third, he remembered an incident and a settlement. Fourth, he starts lashing out, attacking his accusers, and then turning his speech into a campaign moment. Listen, I do not want a President who is okay vilifying alleged victims just to clear his name. It’s one thing if it’s political. It’s entirely another thing when it concerns private citizens.

7. For all the “he did it” opinions out there, just let it play out. Truth comes out eventually. Hopefully, he won’t get the nomination based on many things (#6 aside) such as his ill-fitness to govern, complete lack of political experience (i.e. – NONE), complete ignorance of national and international politics and foreign relations, campaign finance illegalities, and that creepy smile at the end of his ads. Seriously, that squicks me out. All that being said, I don’t like the guy, but I’m willing to let the truth fall where it may.

8. Finally, Cain, either Perry arranged a hit job or the Democrats. You have no proof of either, but how are you connecting the two?

P.S. – Cain, just because you say your wife says it doesn’t even sound like you would do such things, that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t do such things. Many a wife has been fooled by many a husband having more than one family, so stranger things have happened.

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