Whitney, Lawd, Whitney

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My night:

1. Text from a friend I haven’t heard from in a while. “What is going on with him?” Whitney Houston died!

2. Check Twitter – AP says she’s dead. TMZ says she’s dead. ABC News says it’s fake.

3. ABC News says it’s real.

4. TMZ’s site shows her pic and says she’s dead.

5. For once Facebook was on it early.

6. I can’t process what’s going on as I start to well up with tears.

7. I start crying and reading tweets; posting tweets.

8. Someone makes snide remarks. I tell him to shut up.

9. I can’t process what’s going on as I start to cry like my sister died.

10. I get news that my cousin isn’t expected to make it past tonight. Lord! Lord! Lord!

11. I cry heavily while searching for Whitney videos and songs.

12. I text my mom who makes me laugh with a comment that I wasn’t ready to hear.

13. I watch a video by Megan McGlover that makes me laugh a LOT about tonight with Whitney’s death. I’m glad I wasn’t alone in crying (friends, family, Megan, Twitter, etc.).

14. I wrote this blog.

I never laughed at Whitney’s drug addiction. I thought it was heartbreaking and sad. She said some things that turned into jokes (“Crack is wack!” “Show me the receipts!” “Crack is cheap. I make too much money to smoke crack.”) and they were funny lines later, but I couldn’t laugh at her pain, her broken life.

I mourn her loss. The world lost a legend today at 3:55 p.m. Her voice may have left years ago, but she was still here and I still had hope that something could come back. Anything. I pray she has found rest in Jesus’ arms right now.

I pray for Bobbi Kristina. I pray for her mother, Cissy, and her best friends CeCe Winans and Kim Burrell. I pray for her other family, friends, loved ones, and fans. This is hard. This hit me like Michael Jackson’s death. I don’t know what I’ll do if Mariah dies. This (and news of my cousin) actually broke my Saturday evening. Wow.

I leave you with my favorite Whitney Houston song –  My Heart Is Calling.

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