Maryland GOP Hit Up My Mom for Money

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In a blatant display of what cannot amount to anything but a reckless disregard of effective voter research, the Maryland Republican Party e-mailed my mother, of all people, asking for a donation. My mother is a registered Democrat and rarely votes for a Republican (save for Bob Ehrlich in recent memory. Look, Martin O’Malley didn’t do jack ish for Baltimore as mayor, so why vote for him as governor? I voted for Ehrlich too).

My mom wrote back and asked them why she should support the GOP when they are promoting Mitt Romney as a nominee, knowing what he probably feels about Black people based on the Mormon church.

Oh, you didn’t know what they officially believed until courts made them change their doctrine in 1976? Settle in!

Better yet, read this:

Blacks are reportedly descendants of Cain, and marked as such by having a broad flat nose and dark skin. (Mind you, darker people had civilizations and functioning world-class cities while people with pointy noses and fair skin were beating each other in the head with clubs on vast grasslands, but I digress…)

I watched a video on Mormonism that was actually a poorly made cartoon. It depicted Jesus and Lucifer as brothers (!) vying for the affection of their father, Elohim. Elohim chose to favor Jesus instead of Lucifer and that set Lucifer off something ignorant. He rebelled against Elohim with 1/3 of the angels and lost the battle. That fallen 1/3 of the angels became the Black race. Neutral angels became Red, Yellow, and Brown races. The 2/3 that stayed with God became the White race. Somehow these angels got busy with women of the earth and had descendants.

White people have full acceptance in the Gospel and all its blessings in the afterlife. Blacks don’t but can believe and live right and be allowed as servants in Heaven. The other races are being made more like White people as generations grow on.

Religiously sanctioned White supremacy.

My mother’s problem with this is that she believes that Romney probably has that view of Black people and other races – they’re simply not good enough. (I mean – descendants of Cain? Really, though? Cain’s mark was dark skin and a broad nose? That’s so Biblically inaccurate. Cain’s descendants were wiped out in the Flood. Noah and his sons were descended from Seth’s line, which was the only one to survive the Flood.) Many White people believe this in America (and, sadly, many other races do too. Even other Blacks believe this about themselves).

Why would she donate to a party that is backing a man like this? My mother lived through the Civil Rights Era in North Carolina and helped to integrate lunch counters in Greensboro. Why would she vote for someone who probably favored life before 1964? Why would she vote for someone who is part of a group that was legally required to change their doctrine? Why would she vote for someone who comes from a church (and is a minister of said church) that changes their doctrine? She wrote her explanation of not being willing to support Romney and offered a condition – “Tell me why I should support your party when you support a man who may not think of me as human?” She went on to explain the Mormon’s racial history.

The man replied, “I cannot argue with what is found in the Book of Mormon. They did believe that officially until 1978.”

My mom replied, “Then I cannot support your party and will not donate any money to you.”

I’ll sit back, wait, and hope to God that this belief comes out (along with the baptizing of the dead) and that everyone pounces on it from the media to the NAACP to the Obama campaign. I want to see just how far Mitt will go jumping through hoops explaining the position. I hope the media won’t let him weasel out of the “well, we don’t believe that any more” excuse. Something like that isn’t easily whisked away with a forced change in doctrine.

Yeah, religious beliefs shouldn’t matter (even for secret Christian Muslim Atheist Nazi Festivus Celebrant Obama), but when they start becoming racially charged, that’s an issue.

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