More On My Trayvon Martin Outrage

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I listened to On Point yesterday on NPR and got mad when they were covering the Trayvon Martin case. This woman said that Zimmerman’s voice sounded so scared on the call with 911 and she said that he’ll probably use the “I was scared” defense for his actions. She also mentioned that Trayvon was in his third high school and was on suspension from school. She was trying to say that the family is hiding things about Trayvon and that could help shape the case against him – if people knew that he may not have been an upstanding citizen all of his life.

What in the world does that have to do with anything in this case?

Let’s break it down:

1. Zimmerman may have been scared of “a black male” that he saw in a black hoodie, jeans, and white sneakers walking toward townhomes in a gated community. He may very well have been scared when he described Trayvon as having his hand in his waistband. However, if you’re scared and the 911 dispatch tells you to stay in your vehicle, then you just go ahead and stay in your vehicle. You don’t say that “these a**holes always get away” and take it upon yourself to be a vigilante judge, jury, and executioner. So, Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon Martin and reacted to him out of pure fear. He engaged Trayvon in a fight and killed him for absolutely no reason. Self-defense when Trayvon had no weapons on him? I am sick of hearing about police and others killing Black men because of what they think a Black man might have on him, only to be proven wrong (and in the case of police, acquitted of charges, even though it’s clear to any non-racist jury that it is murder). I want to ask Zimmerman how he feels about killing a defenseless child.

2. What does the type of student that Trayvon may or may not have been have to do with anything in this case? Students who are suspended from school are suddenly violent unlawful offenders who entice others to murder them? I hate how the media in this country starts attacking the victim in a sick effort to rationalize a murder or crime against the victim. How was the woman dressed before she was raped? Did the Black man reach for something in his pocket when the White aggressor commanded him to stop? Why did he run if he didn’t do anything wrong? (Maybe, I don’t know, he was trying to spare his own life, jerkwads.) Just because someone may not be 100% clean (which none of us are), doesn’t mean that the crime was deserved because it helps to remove a less-than-desirable element from society. Can I remove you if you think like that? You’re not showing compassion, so I don’t think you’re a desirable element of society.

The more I think about this case, and the more that comes out about it, the madder I get. They drug tested Trayvon and didn’t alert his family even though they had his cell phone, but let his killer go because he alleged it was self-defense even though Trayvon had no weapons on him and lived/was visiting in the community!

See what voting Republican gets you these days? Laws that are stupid with tons of loopholes for people to just wantonly murder anyone they want and claim they felt threatened and thus had to stand their ground. Thanks, GOP. Thanks, NRA. What a stand-up job you’ve done there.

As Sheryl Underwood said on The Talk yesterday, this is an American story. It could happen to your child, White or Black. Trust and believe, though, if the shooter were Black and the victim were White, the Black man would be behind bars, his gun confiscated (why haven’t they taken Zimmerman’s gun?), and there would be a nationwide outpouring of grief, flowers, and candlelight vigils for the White child.

Oh, and the racially biased woman from On Point radio would have never brought up what type of student the White victim was.

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