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Yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States upheld Obama’s landmark legislation, The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Mitt Romney’s Healthcare Plan Obamacare. Personally, I am happy with the provisions of this law and how it moves us closer to having a single-payer health system in this country. I do not think that health care is a privilege but I feel it’s a right and it is immoral for a country like ours to  not have it. You can avoid a lot of high costs of fixing things that could be easily prevented.

There has been much ado about this individual mandate, which the Supreme Court calls a tax. However you want to slice it, it’s a fee that will be assessed if you do not have coverage. My tax dollars are going to pay for the healthcare of those on public assistance and emergency room fees, and personally, if everyone paid into the system, that’s a bit more fair. If you want to get mad a freeloaders, well, there you go.

Back when Republicans were in charge and Romney wasn’t completely turned into the mound of malleable clay that he is today, the mandate was considered “personal responsibility” and was lauded by Republicans as necessary to make health care costs go down. Obama was against it on the campaign trail and then included it when the Public Option (a GREAT idea) was dropped. I think the Public Option would have forced health insurers to stop spiraling the costs of health care with shady formulas because they would stand to lose money if they have to compete with an entity that is not focused on profit.

Bottom line – I’m happy it passed and was upheld. Even if it failed, the only other option would have been to resort to Medicare for all because people would not let go of their insurance companies providing them a refund check at the end of the year if most of the premium money wasn’t used for healthcare, their kids staying on their policies until they are 26, and companies rejecting people due to pre-existing conditions (something Romney said he would allow again).

Listen, if my staunch Republican coworker and I can agree on the individual mandate being good policy, then the country can get over hating this law, which for many is nothing more than a mask to hide their racism and hatred.

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