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This is an interaction between a friend and I on Facebook concerning Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and the direction of the country. All of this stemmed from me accurately stating that Mitt Romney’s appearance in front of the NAACP was nothing more than a show of force to prove to his white detractors that he can be tough and firm with a crowd that does not like him. It’s amazing how far stuff goes so fast. Haha.

Him: You are scaring me man.. Who are you hanging out with? I don’t hate Obama because he is black.. i don’t even hate him.. i just don’t agree with him [readsela – I had stated the the GOP appears to hate Obama because they are pandering to the more racist and extreme elements of their party]

Me:  I didn’t say you hated him. I was referring to elements in the GOP that have completely swayed the party to an extreme position and boxed them in a corner like a threatened viper. I mean, y’all had Michele Bachmann as a “legitimate” Presidential candidate who won a straw poll. Like…a woman who rewrites American history and gets offended when called out on her outright lies? Executive CEO experience of creating wealth for your investors does not translate into creating jobs for a country.

Him: If it is cheaper to employ workers overseas, then why not? This is the time to lower taxes, and make it more competitive for companies to do business here. We have one of the highest business taxes in the World…. i don’t think the GOP likes outsourcing jobs.. They don’t outsource them.. Companies do, and they wouldn’t if we were more competitive. It comes down to your belief system. Belief systems are hard, because people live and die for their belief system. My belief system and why I resonate more with conservatives is, the other has been tried and failed over and over again. i believe the role of government is to provide an environment for business and families to flourish. insurance is insurance.. you buy it for piece of mind and protection. if you do not buy it and something happens to you that stinks, but that is what churches and families/ communities are for. iI should not be the role of government to require me or you to purchase a commodity. The government should not be telling me what to and not to eat. If I make poor lifestyle choices you should not be punished in the form of higher taxes having to pay my bills.Him: Regarding Michelle Bachman… I am not sure what you mean. Look at Obama.. He lied about Gitmo. He lied about his healthcare bill. my healthcare has gone up 25%, and I have not used it (other then dentist) even once. He has been caught on camera talking with the former Russian president about back room deals. He has lied about his stance on gay marriage, illegal immigration, and promising not to raise taxes on the middle class. the list goes on and on. Obama is my president, and though i do not agree with his belief system he is the president of the country I live in. i just wish folks would look at both sides for what it is. They both have their flaws, but geez, can’t you see things are getting worse…. not better. I mean way worse. the bent is scary, this healthcare mandate/ tax is scary, social security, unemployment, medicare/ medicaid.. look at California- bankrupt… look at Virginia and kansas- surplus and thriving. Maryland wants to raise taxes- business are leaving. New York raised taxes on billionaires a decade ago, and what happened..?? They left the state and in some cases, the country.. Now they don’t pay those taxes… whose fault is that? i just wish more folks did what we are doing, and talked not out. At the end of the day, we may not agree.. but you are still my buddy..

Me: Whoa whoa whoa.First – – while we have the highest, we also have a lot of loopholes and businesses don’t pay what they need to pay for taxes. Companies have even said that their job isn’t hiring Americans just because they’re an American company. They go where they can get the most bang for the buck with workers. Right now, that goes to developing countries. That’s outsourcing and GOP has been very defensive of companies doing what they feel they need to do to save a buck, even at the expense of the American worker (let business be business, free market, etc.). Also, now even Romney said he “offshored” jobs and didn’t “outsource”. Tell that to the people he laid off.

Second – churches are not equipped to handle people’s medical bills, otherwise, they would have already started doing it. I see nothing, nor do I heard anything about churches taking over that for people or even volunteering to help out with it. And for those having to declare bankruptcy after a medical procedure (and even some of them with insurance), I think that is abhorrent and immoral for our nation to stand by and let that happen when we can shoulder some of it. Health care is not a meritorious benefit, and it shouldn’t be something that is put up for profit. Gambling on people’s health and lives has NEVER made sense to me. Health insurance is part of the issue. The other part is actual care. What does that even mean and why does it cost so much in America when it doesn’t in other countries for comparable procedures. Even McLean, as far as I know, doesn’t have a program in place to help people with medical expenses, and they do a lot of outreach.

Third a – We’re the same age. Honestly, we’ve dealt with nothing but Conservatism in Congress and government for most of our lives, so you can’t say what did not work when you didn’t live it. Dems weren’t as liberal prior to Reagan and they caved in his presence, then it’s been all red-dominated everything in Congress from 1994-2006, then a brief glimpse of something else from 2006-2010 but that was tainted by blue dog Dems too timid to stand for anything remotely liberal because they’re afraid of people yelling about voting for GOP. Also, the GOP of today is NOTHING like the GOP I was used to hearing about prior to 1994. Heck, even up until Bush took office. This new breed is as dangerous as radical Islam dominating societies. I’ve read up on Goldwater, and for all that I disagreed with him on, he would not recognize this GOP or even those claiming to be conservative.

Third b – The individual mandate was championed by Mitt Romney and the Heritage Foundation as “personal responsibility,” meaning that they didn’t like the idea of freeloaders in the health care system. Once everyone is a player (like car insurance), then you can have more freedom in the free market for competition because everyone has to pay if they’re paying. A penalty is not a tax. Bottom line – something proposed by a conservative think-tank and implemented by Mitt Romney just got upheld as constitutional by the supreme court of the land. If you make a poor lifestyle choice, I don’t like that my tax dollars should not go toward your emergency care and treatment unless you are also paying for the same system, which many are not doing. But then again, I’m against welfare but it exists because Christians have dropped the ball on that too.

Fourth – Michele Bachmann said many, may incorrect things about American history and got offended when questioned on her claims during the debates. One gem that I recall vividly is that apparently the Founding Fathers found slavery abhorrent and disgusting, and worked tirelessly until it was rendered illegal…that did not happen until 1865 and the last of the Founding Fathers had to have died by 1840 at the latest…and why and how slavery ended in the U.S. has nothing to do with the founding of the country and the three amendments that ended slavery, established citizenship, and invalidated the 3/5 human clause.

Fifth – Obama proposed legislation to close Gitmo but was blocked by GOP and Dems in Congress which prevented it from being shut down.Sixth – Obama wanted a public option to help control medical costs, but was shot down in Congress by both sides. The only real way to cut costs in health care is to have a single payer system and get rid of the for-profit middlemen known as health insurers. Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) doesn’t kick in until 2014, so any savings won’t be seen (maybe) until then, but costs keep rising every year. My policy increased 13% in one year and keeps climbing and no one knows why or is even trying to tackle the problem – profiting on something that shouldn’t be open for profit.

Seventh – Bush was caught talking with Tony Blair about Syria and trying to get something done about them. Deals aren’t new. And I didn’t get a “back room deal” from the hot mic incident (from what I heard [the actual words] and read about it).

Eighth through tenth – Where did he lie about gay marriage. He said he’s evolving and boom – he offered no legislation to back up his opinion (unlike Bush and Romney who promised to take away rights), and only gave his opinion on gays being able to get the same rights as straight married couples. He stopped defending DOMA and Dems are trying to get the Respect for Marriage Act passed but can’t do to whom? GOP Where is the lie in that? Where is the lie in illegal immigration? He’s been trying to get the Dream Act passed for some time but who keeps blocking it with no alternative? GOP. He stopped deporting kids of illegal immigrants who are employed or in school. Where is the lie in that? Who had their taxes raised? Mine have stayed the same (actually lowered).

Ninth – I think things are getting worse, but not in the way you’re mentioning. I don’t want to go back to having an exploded defense budget and unpaid for wars and kicking the debt can down the road and doing nothing about it. I don’t want to go back to our country not helping itself get better, but we can spend all day invading other countries and telling them what to do. I want to see us get repaired, and for you to put all of this on Obama is disingenuous. He’s done one heck of a job in 3.5 years to get us to the breaking point, according to you.

And for billionaires and millionaires leaving where they’re taxed – why do we have to nanny them? It’s better to have the middle class bear the burden of taxes? Now, that’s something that has proven to be unsustainable.

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