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I had a post in my mind that would have been more of an outrage thing, but funny. However, nothing is funny about this tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. I won’t type long today because I well up with tears when I think about this (and especially read the tweets of people who lost loved ones [and even blogged about their night when they got the news, and how they felt when they got to the hospital to see their loved one dead on arrival]). I’m crying now. Crap.

Okay, I just want to say that I’m saddened and outraged by this tragedy perpetrated by James Egan Holmes, a 24 year old PhD student in Neuroscience at the University of Colorado. I do not understand, nor do I ever want to understand, what would possess someone to conduct a mass killing. He took away children and parents. He killed 12. He injured 59. He’s scared a world from ever going into a movie theater again. Movies are supposed to offer a chance to escape from your reality and get caught up in a world of fantasy. You don’t normally go to the movies to plan to run for your life or think enough to play dead to hopefully survive.

President Obama called for Americans to treat this day as a day of reflection, appreciation for what we have, love, and depending on the Lord for comfort at this time. I am choosing to take his advice. I am full of anger, sadness, pain, and tears over this.

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