Dumbest Move By Chick-Fil-A Supporters

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First, let me say how stupid it is to protest gay marriage by eating fast-food chicken and waffle fries. It is infuriating me that we’re now turning food into a political statement. Like, what is going on?

Chick-Fil-A is having an “appreciation” day, which was first suggested by a Fox News contributor. Mike Huckabee is on board and Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum have tweeted support for Chick-Fil-A stating that they’re a great company that stands for family values. The company itself has stated that they are letting the political arena decide gay marriage. However, they will still pump millions of dollars over several years to organizations that vilify gays as nothing more than sex-crazed child molesters who have no hope of recovery short of death, which they all deserve.


I just want to know why the company is not denouncing this day. Why are they taking money for an appreciation day, claiming to stay neutral, yet doing nothing to distance themselves more clearly from the…um…scandal(?). This day has opened my eyes to people in my life who support Chick-Fil-A because of their stance for “traditional marriage” (which is a laughable joke because marriage hasn’t been right or traditional since Genesis 4). I don’t mind that stance. I understand it and I also understand that it’s only there because they’re ignorant of what gays want in marriage (it’s rights).

But what I don’t know is if they understand the support to vehemently anti-gay causes that Chick-Fil-A gives. This stuff is hostile toward a group of people who need love just like you or I. And they’re doing this all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, but not realizing that they’re alienating gays who need to hear His message. Trust me, no gay person is going to watch you take away their rights and support a restaurant chain that is politically involved only to say, “Yeah, I’ll listen to you about your Jesus. He sounds so awesome, with the denial of what I feel are my basic human rights that you get because you’re straight, even if you’re having sex outside of marriage and are on your fourth marriage (and a mistress on the side) with all your exes still alive.”

So, I’m angry at this. I’m angry that the company has chosen to go along with this. I’m angry that it’s come to GLAAD staging protests at Chick-Fil-As across the nation (kiss-ins). I’m mad that we’ve come to this as a nation and as a people. Like, what is the big deal if someone is gay? Seriously! What does that have to do with you?

If it’s the “sin” factor of it, you’re going about it all wrong. Yeah, you’re acting like a jerk, an idiot, and an ass. Fight me.


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