Irony of Ironies – Evelyn Lozada Is a Victim(?)

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Let me preface this by saying that I find it abhorrent, terrible, horrible, sad, and pathetic that Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, a famous football player formerly of the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins, allegedly head butted his new wife (and reality television star) Evelyn Lozada.

Let me also say that if Chad’s word is true that she head butted him (as unlikely as that is), I wonder what the reaction would be. Would we see such an outpouring of sympathy from everyone? Would Chad get his contract back with Miami?

“We’re so in…love?”

Evelyn is filing for divorce from Chad and is saddened that he apparently is lying about the fight with her and that he “needs help.”

*Screeches needle to a stop on the record*

Here is where I have all the issues in the world with this. Evelyn Lozada stated on Basketball Wives (the ghetto-er one in Miami) that she has basically understood that Chad may cheat and she won’t have a problem with it. She only asks that he uses condoms. Now, I assume that he’s been cheating throughout their courtship and engagement period in order for her to say something like that. She’s also an admitted athlete ho and stated that she likes the money and access that having money (even if it is someone else’s money) affords her. She’s busted it open for her fair share of athletic goons, according to her.

She found a receipt for condoms and apparently lost it. Now, unless Chad said something like, “I won’t cheat anymore,” or “I’ll give you a year,” I don’t understand why she lost it like that. We know from the show that she barely has a conversation without at least raising her voice with a hint of edge to it (like several women in my family who swear they aren’t yelling, but “just talking”), so I’m going to assume that she quickly went from the warm setting on the burner to power boil in about 3.2 seconds. If Chad went along with the stated agreement of using condoms, you know that he sleeps around on you, and you still chose to marry him, I have to wonder why you married him. Even if he promised to not do anything, why are you believing him when he hasn’t shown anything remotely resembling honor and fidelity in all the time you’ve known him. And I’m sure this was not the first time he’s hit you. That’s normally what happens – you’ve gotten hit (or shoved) before. Why get more involved?

Money. She even joked about it when he got cut from New England and before he got signed with Miami. She tweeted that she is now the breadwinner. They weren’t even married yet. I believe that had he not gotten signed with Miami, that wedding wouldn’t have happened.

It’s wrong that he hit her. It’s also wrong that she married him for money and is now divorcing him within 6 weeks and has concrete evidence she can use to get a sizable chunk of whatever is left of his fortune. I find it very ironic that the #2 bully (after 7th grade busty, broad-shouldered-with-split-ends bully Tamiyanna Ayeisha Roman) on Basketball Wives  who always fights women or misses her aim when throwing wine bottles at women with struggle hair is now a victim of violence herself.

I don’t know about any justification for her actions (because it’s a show and a lot is done for ratings) through this, or any type of “you reap what you sow,” or karmic retribution, but it is ironic and more real than any reality show now. A celebrity couple is getting divorced a day shy of six weeks of getting married. Yet, gay people are the real threat to marriage, not straight people getting straight married.

I guess I just have trouble painting a someone who victimizes as a victim, but here is where we are. Wow. Evelyn Lozada needs sympathy and we’re obligated to give it to her. I know if she were my mother or sister, I’d willingly offer it. But she’s not, yet I still am. It just feels awkward. She didn’t deserve this.

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