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Fresh off my recent Twitter comment about Michelle Malkin’s anger (she writes so angrily. At least it seems that way to me) and her sending her troops after me (with all of them having 8-57 followers apiece), I was re-inspired to write this blog post that’s been knocking around in my head for a few days. (Also, Michelle, the way to turn this around isn’t to send out your army of drones who can’t understand a tweet. Flip it around and own the anger in some way to make yourself look stronger.)

Back to my post:

It’s November 7, 2013. I awoke on November 7, 2012, after going to bed knowing the inevitable. My man, Barack Hussein Obama, will not be my president for a second term. I prayed the night of the 6th that I would stop crying eventually and just realize that he wasn’t meant to be president from 2013-2017. I guess this is how that prejudiced dancer who lost her ever-loving mind felt when McCain lost. She said that she didn’t think the country would elect another African-American as President and this was a horrible day for the country. I wondered if I should start going around saying that I want my country back they way so many had said a day after Obama was elected.

I did not go on Twitter or Facebook for the day. I did not want to get angry and lose my job. I listened to my iPod in the car. I watched Netflix when the TV was on. It’s now November and I’m looking back at what has happened during Romney’s first 10 months or so in office.

I’d hoped that if Obama got reelected that some change would be made in rhetoric coming from the right with conservatives and Republicans pandering to that group of extremists. I did not think that it would get worse once Romney got elected. The media is playing along with it because it garners ratings, but effectively, there is very little voice from the Left around. Romney hired a bunch of Bush handlers and we are headed into a situation worse than before.

The economy hasn’t improved that much. The back-end of the recession is hitting now and we’re losing as much as Europe lost after their slight boom during the collapse. Romney blames Obama’s policies. Some scant Democratic voices in Congress and the media remind people that Obama couldn’t get much passed with GOP obstruction. Romney tells everyone that more time is needed and that recovery isn’t quick. That narrative picked up immediately on the Right. It’s all they say now. It’s sickening. They held Obama’s feet to the fire on this, but Romney is given a pass.

So, rhetoric is worse. Where Democrats and Liberals were called anarchists and un-American, some on the Right now have gotten to call them political terrorists and gotten away with it. There is a feeling that Democrats are trying to take the country down mainly because they’re inclusive on people (races, beliefs, sexualities, etc.) Patriotism is again something only conservatives know about. Romney’s administration includes mostly white men and one woman. Ginsburg indicated she would retire at the end of the term and they have a very anti-gay, anti-abortion conservative justice who turns a blind eye to business lined up to take her place.

America’s version of Christianity is on the decline ever faster now. Now that Romney is elected, and part of what Christians have called a cult for so long, they now say that religion doesn’t matter as much as policies. What this will mean for the GOP in the future remains to be seen. The GOP has converted Christianity into an apostasy. And I laugh because all this time the Christian Right thought they controlled the GOP. Now they’re trapped. Hopefully this frees up real Christians to do the work of the Lord, but it’s an uphill battle thanks to those who valued politics over faith.

Romney, true to his word, wiped out Obamacare on his first day in office. He also used his Executive Authority to wipe out other legislation – domestic partner benefits within federal government were stopped, the No Gay Marriage Amendment is a serious possibility, and his administration resumed defense of DOMA. The goal of the administration was to start with a clean slate as much as possible. It’s somewhat like Obama never existed. Romney also has a GOP supermajority in Congress and they’re making new laws right and left, but oddly enough, the economy is not getting better. Medicare is now a voucher system. Social Security is on the chopping block next. If you’re going to make Social Security (a guaranteed government benefit) private, but you don’t offer investment counseling, how will this help citizens have that to assist in retirement? If the banks fail again and they take those investments with them, what recourse do we have?

The gap between the haves and have-nots is ever-widening. Romney doesn’t care about it. He seems more invested in what businesses can do. If it’s good for businesses (large business, not small business) and they can profit from it, he’ll let them do whatever they want to do. We have the pipeline being built now, but it did not provide many jobs. Most federally restricted lands are being torn up (or planned to be torn up), endangering the surrounding ecosystems and people who live nearby. More stories from fracking poisoning water supplies are arising, but that is being downplayed as “Liberal lies” by Fox News and the Romney administration. Yet, Romney says he’s a unifier.

Our budget appears to be balancing, so they say, given the day. Also, defense spending is really ramping up. So many defense contractors are hiring, but we don’t really see that as part of the budget. It’s a separate item that’s not included. My taxes have gone up by about $2400. My deductions for next year will be very minimal. I have a couple rich friends who told me that they are getting a tax break, again. I think we would be okay if defense spending was not so big or planned to be so big.

Much of our public education has been privatized and they treat schools like business. It is not going well. Our future is dying right before our eyes. Many private schools have no standards.

As for human rights, the Log Cabin GOP and GOProud say that it’s better to have the economy better-looking on paper (just don’t look at credit card Defense spending) than to have rights right now. They say it’s better to let people get comfortable with the idea of change instead of forcing it. This will take time. They also don’t understand effective fighting for civil rights.

As for war, it’s best to invade other countries first before they even get to think about invading us, huh? Now that the EU is politicizing, they have begun to speak out against our aggression. Romney and his GOP don’t like that as they move to invade Iran. How odd it will be if we’re the Axis Powers this time around…by ourselves.

I would like to say that I see the best for America coming out of this, but I don’t. Christian friends who believe in voting for Christian candidates tell me that they voted for Romney because of the economy. Now that it’s not getting better, they regret their vote. I stifle some curse words and tell them, sarcastically, that these things take time, right? They get mad. Middle class is getting angry that they slowly have no money because our taxes go to pay off the debt and the rich’s tax loopholes were closed, but they found more and have them more breaks, claiming that they’re the job creators. Just like before, they’re not hiring. “The climate has to get better for them to feel more confident. Just hang in there.” That was the gist of Romney’s latest address.

In any case, I’m now living as an expatriate and have no plans to come back home for a few years. The GOP is already grumbling on Twitter about primary-ing Romney and being disaffected with him. I just tee-hee, laugh, and guffaw at all of them. It sounds so familiar. There really is now a visceral hatred of Presidents now. It’s sad and appalling from both sides. One thing that bugs me is how Democrats are now saying that Obama was not the candidate or President they needed and it’s time for something different – Hillary. People are so fickle.

Why do we want quick results for complex things that took longer to get complex than it will take to resolve them?

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