A Nice Idea for Republicans (That Won’t Work)

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GOP elephant

If an elephant never forgets, why does the GOP think we can’t review history to see how their ideas don’t always pan out? (Source: theknockoffeconomy)

Read this, then read below:

1. STOP THE LIES. The Republican party did not want blacks to be free. They wanted the country to be united again. It had nothing to do with blacks being free. Even Lincoln blamed blacks for the war and told freed blacks to leave the country because he didn’t like what had happened. “Go where you are treated the best, and the ban is still upon you.” Basically, this country isn’t for you and we’re only allowing you to be here, free, as a favor. We’re calling in that favor now. Lincoln was in favor of White rule and dominance, which is why he didn’t set up or enforce anything that was supposed to come along with freedom (equal access to education and land – “Forty acres and a mule”).

2. Energy. We already pump way more oil than we ever have before and we pump more than Saudi Arabia now. Energy independence needs to come from a variety of sources that can help sustain our presence on the earth, not damage it. Fracking and coal aren’t the ways to do this. Fracking damages the earth and poisons water supplies (people are igniting their tap water!). Coal is detrimental to clean air. There is no such thing as clean coal.

3. Education. Choices in education means closing public schools so that private schools, many with no accreditation or standards, can take money for public schools. Louisiana is a joke with this plan right now. Schools where students look at videos all day of Christian Bible stories. Where are the math, science, and English classes? Who is holding these private schools accountable?

4. Fairness. Fair environment to pursue goals and dreams – often this means an end to Affirmative Action, which I am not in favor of until more minorities own larger portions of our economy. “Corporate Culture” has come to mean “As White as possible” when making hiring decisions. People want to work with people who make them feel comfortable. If your social group is nothing but White people, you’ll be more prone to hire only White people even if the minority candidate is more qualified. This still happens today.

5. Taxes. Get more people employed through lower taxes. Gee, why hasn’t that worked yet? Lowest corporate tax rates since the 1940s and we still have recessions and massive unemployment. The tax rates were supposed to save the “job creators” a lot of money that they would use to hire people. They hoarded the money and now don’t want their rates to go up to what they were when we had lower unemployment.

6. iCan’t anymore. In what fantasy world is this guy living? Blacks and Republicans working together were better times for blacks? Huh? Blaming our struggles on voting Democratic? Bush presided over the largest gap between the haves and have-nots since the Depression – all WITH a GOP Congress. Yes, it’s the Democrats fault that unemployment is so high when the mess started breaking under Bush as far back as 2005. Okay, then. Most blacks I know still have nothing but a frigid disregard for Reagan, and somehow that man is the Conservative and Republican god who championed an unfair description of welfare recipients being single black mothers with too many kids who won’t work. Meanwhile, White people take the most out of welfare aid.

If the Republican party wants to reach out to blacks, maybe they should look at how their policies would hurt blacks (and other minorities). These ideas work best in an ideal world free of racism, prejudice, and classes. Since we live in America, they should be tweaked for reality.

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