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Keene Point of View

It’s me!
(Keene Point of View)

Picture it: January 2012. After growing frustrated with all the talk against gay marriage coming from fellow Christians who were out there acting like they live perfect lives, I wanted to do more than tweet or Facebook my frustrations. I wanted Christians to get back to reaching other in Jesus’ love and winning souls for the Lord. How they ever thought someone would hear the Gospel while doing things like supporting Prop 8 in California or “standing in solidarity” with Chick-Fil-A later on in 2012 is beyond me.

While there is some truth in the standpoint that historically societies have benefitted from marriage being between a man and a woman with the purpose of producing offspring, marriage really hasn’t been about a man and woman being together in matrimony faithfully since about Genesis 4 when Lamech took two wives. Sure, that was a “permissible” custom of the time, but it just seems awfully forgetful to always say that God’s law trumps man’s laws or customs and multiple marriages were allowed, but we can’t seem to wrap our heads around the fact that marriage now includes rights such as property ownership, kingdoms, dowries, 401ks, retirement benefits, healthcare benefits, etc. Long gone are the days of simple commitment and love for one another. There is so much tied into marriage that to stand on it as something between a man and a woman in today’s day and age rings a bit hollow to me when you consider everything else that goes into it.

Things like that last paragraph really set me off all year long. However, it was January 2012 when I prayed about what to do and God, I feel, laid it on my heart to start a project/ministry (eh…maybe that’s too strong a word) of taking an alternative view to politics and gay issues with a Christian slant. It’s more about speaking out in love versus the mindset that the only good and valid Christian is a staunchly conservative Republican anti-gay heterosexual one. Jesus is above all of that.

It’s also about gay issues. An honest look at the ins and outs of it. Politics will be the same. I’m a registered Independent and have voted for Republicans and Democrats. Lately, I’m voting Blue for mostly everything because Red is currently dealing with either a massive crystal meth addiction and the resulting paranoia, or they’re just losing it.

So, the project is where politics, gay issues, and Christianity live and love each other openly in a happy ménage à trois. =^)

It’s kind of how I live, actually.

I’m a bit worried, though. How will this shake out? I’m scared, honestly, which is probably why I didn’t move on it all year. I told my parents about it. My dad didn’t say anything, but my mom is onboard because I’ve prayed about it. I delayed this decision for a long time (a full year!) but I felt God push me toward it all year and keep saying, “So, when are you going to start this?” I mentioned it to friends at their Christmas party and met someone else who is a blogger there and they like the idea and feel there is an audience for it. The only change is that they want me to do it as, what they call, my Twitter “personality”. Long story short about that – the Twitter me is the me who is safely behind a computer screen and saying things that I think without much of a filter. It’s me acting an unbridled fool. And I love every minute of it.

Now, I feel it’s me. They feel it’s not really “me,” so I’ll find a happy medium with this project. The YouTube channel is being set up. The Twitter handle has changed. The domain has been purchased. WordPress dot org has been downloaded and installed. I’m nervous as all get out about this. I honestly don’t feel I’m equipped to do this because I have dirt in my past/present and things that aren’t 100% correct for me to invoke Jesus into what I’m doing, but here I go, stepping out into darkness (or what I feel is darkness) and seeing what happens. It may be nothing, something, or just enough.

We’ll see. The project is Keene Point of View, which is a pun on my last name and describes what this will be – my opinions on stuff. Politics, gay issues, Christianity…and sometimes bits and pieces of me and other stuff rarely – like Scandal, which is the show you MUST watch now. Go Hulu/Netflix it! It’s on Thursdays at 10p EST on ABC!
Twitter: @KPOView
YouTube: KeenePointOfView

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  1. thatguy says:

    Here’s your first comment
    I’m here to support you
    and argue of course its DC you’re supposed to
    I find it ironic what the church preaches on
    to emphasize or not as thought up by Lon
    Like you I’m an indy but lean red more than blue
    am unflitered online and like Scandal too
    For now I’m anon but I’ll come out eventually
    no not what you’re thinking :-p I like the ladies
    Your move kucklehead

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