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Dan Snyder’s Latest Ludicrous Play

Dan Snyder is shady, y’all.

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Freedom of Speech: Phil Robertson Gon’ Learn Today

BREAKING NEWS: Louisiana man who makes ducks want to have sex with him for profit makes judgmental statements against gay people and black people, but winds up not being able to be seen on his own show indefinitely.

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Church Folks Make Me Sick

Erica sings music for the Lord. She has a solo career that’s just starting and she posted this picture celebrating her Grammy nomination. Her husband liked the picture as did her family. But along comes the black church, mucking up the works for everybody’s fun…

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Beyonce: Crazy In Love

Beyonce released her 5th studio album and the world lost its collective ish and went totally crazy in love.

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Megyn Kelly: Jesus Was White

Is Megyn ignorant or dumb? Stupid or obtuse? I didn’t know that people still thought this way. Jesus was not white and Moses did not look like Charlton Heston.

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Right-Wing Respectability (RIP Nelson Mandela)

These right-wingers called Mandela racist, insinuated that Apartheid wasn’t that bad and not racist, and said Mandela should have rotted in jail. How can you call someone racist who was oppressed under a racist national policy? Yes, he targeted white people who were oppressing the majority over which they ruled and denied rights. BECAUSE THEY WERE THE OPPRESSORS. What is with this revisionist history of white people in South Africa who just showed up peacefully one day and legally purchased land from the inhabitants and lived in peace, until one day the natives turned on them? Stop that. Now.

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Racism Is Over!

I want to draw attention to the Republican Party’s official Twitter account’s tale of Rosa Parks helping to end racism. They followed with another tweet


White Men Are Victims

I ran across this story on Raw Story about how a black woman professor was formally reprimanded by her college employer for the way she


The Week-Long Day: Thursday & Beyond

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday “Can I have everyone’s attention, please?  Hello!  Okay, I’m trying to be nice.  YO, SHUT. UP!!!  Thank you.  Yes, I


The Week-Long Day: Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday If I have to clean any more chicken I’m going to scream.  I’m tempted to just wash them off and place them in the

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