Overcharging Liberals Stupidly

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This is just me talking out loud.
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This Utah smoothie owner, George Burnett, charges liberals an extra dollar for their drinks. He donates the extra dollar collected from each Liberal to the Heritage Foundation, a Conservative think-tank. I’ll never know how he gets away with this. Also, what litigious liberal it admitting their ideology in order to pay an extra dollar? I say litigious because this is just ripe for somebody’s courtroom. It’s discrimination based on political ideology in someone’s place of business. Are we going to stretch the protected classes in the Civil Rights Act?

His opinions aside, I also took issue with another part of this article. Apparently, not only is his restaurant called “I Love Drilling Juice & Smoothie Bar,” (because he loves drilling for oil. Does he have his own drilling operation? So much enthusiasm…) but he also believes that America isn’t drilling enough. Au contraire! The U.S. produced 38% of its own oil in 2012 and is on track to do even more in 2013. We also import most of our oil from Canada and Africa, not the Middle East. I often hear people talk about how we’re beholden to the House of Saud (Saudi Arabia) for oil when that simply isn’t the case under Obama.

Even though we make our own oil, that doesn’t mean that we get to keep it. Our oil is placed on a global marketplace and just because we use our own refined oil for gasoline, that doesn’t necessarily translate into $2/gallon gas. We affect world markets just like they affect us. Any increase in our oil production is offset by OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries). Every politician knows that but they just want to score points by giving regular Americans something with which they claim to identify. The solution to our energy problems is to use everything at our disposal with a move toward renewable energies and off of old polluting energies. “Flammable tap water and people being forced off their lands are just byproducts of fracking and worth the price to get us to be energy independent.” No, I don’t buy that. (Someone actually told me that once.)

So, while it’s a “cute” thing for Mr. Burnett to say that he loves drilling and that we’re all dependent on it, he’s missing the point. Even if we drill all of our oil and natural gas, because of the world marketplace of which we are a part, any contribution we make will be offset by world demand, supply, and mechanisms of control. He would do well to step outside of Utah and the U.S. once in a while for a more well-rounded perspective. He would probably also learn how not to set himself up to be sued for something stupid like charging an extra dollar to people who disagree with your political views.

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