In Defense of Louis Giglio, Anti-Gay Pastor

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Louie Giglio - Keene Point of View

Pastor Louis Giglio
Source: Think Progress

Basically, Louis Giglio was either uninvited or pulled out of giving the Inauguration Day benediction. He said he did not want to invite criticism for a sermon he preached fifteen years ago in support of ex-gay therapy for gay people. He is right in saying that the media would draw attention to that and blow up his little goodbye blessing to more than what it should be on a day that isn’t about him. The way I hear it, he pulled out and then got uninvited afterward, ensuring that he would not be considered and that no effort would be made to get him back.

Personally, I’m saddened to hear of this. It’s like he’s being shut up. We live in a country that is somewhere around 52%-54% in favor of gay marriage, which is the issue du jour for gay people, mostly fought for by white gay men, but it’s minority lesbians who are actually getting married (I read this but cannot find the link now. Does anyone want to help me?). That rather slim majority that could probably swing the other way if certain…secrets…were revealed about how and why many gay relationships last for 20-30 years isn’t a strong lead. If it were, say, 77%-23%, then I could see Louis Giglio being uninvited. Heck, he probably wouldn’t have even accepted the invitation.

Because he represents a viewpoint that many Americans hold, I think in order for the Inauguration to represent America’s president as Obama represents all Americans in his role as President of the United States, Giglio should have been invited. Rick Warren also holds the same views and he gave the benediction in 2009 at Obama’s first Inauguration. This isn’t a fringe group. These people are changing their minds or dying off, sure, but there is still vocal opposition to gay marriage and gay people. And we live in a country where that kind of freedom of belief and speech is allowed, just like support for gay marriage and gay people.

Obama selected a gay poet for the Inauguration and gay bottom icon Beyonce to sing the National Anthem. I think we’re covered for gay support at this event. In the name of representing a balance of both sides of 50% on an issue (without giving away too much to the lesser percentages), I think Giglio should have stayed because he represents a still-vocal-and-recognized group of Americans, even if a slim majority of those Americans wouldn’t agree with his views. (Also, there’s a segment of those in favor of gay marriage just on principle, but still don’t think people should be gay…have fun with that one.)

Thoughts? Should Louis Giglio have stayed?


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