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Martyrs Keene Point of View

We’ve given so much!
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So, while I was minding my business checking my Twitter feed while walking to Starbucks for a fresh cup of steamed milk with crushed beans, I saw a post from Bryan Fischer. He is with the American Family Association, which just got designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. He tweeted how Christians are the new Blacks in the fight for Civil Rights.


I checked his feed and found the following. Read from the bottom up:


Keene Point of View Bryan Fischer

The rantings of a madman.

I just…this is a LOT of stuff to rant about. I’ll just say that in the age of equality, if women want to go into combat to get a better promotion, who are we to stop them? I’m sure they won’t sign up for anything they don’t feel capable of handling. Women can make independent decisions these days. I mean, they vote now! My God! Oh, the changes!

As for his tweet about the loss of civil rights being handed to Christians now, I just can’t deal with this ignorance. American Christians are spoiled by the setup of America as a nation. Christianity took a stronghold since the colonies and America has prospered under it for over 200 years; however, America was not set up as a Christian nation after the colonies. Christian principles and the body of government being modeled after Christian principles? Sure. Christian nation? No. Freedom of religion and the concept of separation of church and state has existed here to prevent the state from taking over the church and vice versa (see Iran and China for examples of how that can work out). I prefer to live in a nation like this because everyone has such a different interpretation of the Bible that no real work can get done because there would be too many disagreements over petty stuff. (Hi, Christian church denominations!)

So, once you’ve been spoiled, you forget that Jesus said that to follow him means that the world will be against you. We really haven’t had that problem in America since its inception (maybe some flirtation with Atheism in the 60s and 70s that seems to have resurfaced now [that really isn’t saying anything differently than before during its brief time in the daylight]). So, now Christians are feeling like they’re in China or Iran now (and Christianophobia is on the rise around the world), but I would say it’s not that bad. Sure, beliefs are being challenged and American Christians have to discover what it’s like to actually, I don’t know, learn and experience their faith to defend it to the death even risking the loss of loved ones. Crazy, right? Tell that to the martyrs.

All that said, Fischer is still crazy for tweeting like it’s the end of the world and that Christians are the new Blacks. That’s insensitive. It also shows this sentiment I get from some conservative Whites in the blogosphere that they’re just as oppressed as Blacks and that Blacks are just as racist as White’s White ancestors (because Whites aren’t racist anymore because they voted for Obama and liked Herman Cain). It’s like they want to share in the oppression just to have that card to play to say, “We’re all the same!” This loan officer at the bank doesn’t think so, though.

Fischer went on to say something about how Obama doesn’t “get” homosexuality. In his video he stated that homosexuality is sodomy. I just replied to him publicly on Twitter because I don’t have time to go into exhaustive detail here. I corrected myself in a followup tweet about Fischer’s ministerial status. He just has a grad degree in theology, but I don’t read of any license or ordination anywhere. Maybe he should pursue those to get some love in his heart. See here for the tweets:

Bryan Fischer 2 Keene Point of View Keene Point of View Bryan Fischer 3


I seriously question any heterosexual man’s sexuality when he focuses solely on sex when talking about gay people. They either have dabbled or are dabbling with the concept and practice of peen in the crapbox.

Finally, in today’s world of people who are doing too much politically, there is this woman, Nancy French, who is a white Republican raising a black daughter. She wants you to deal with it!

Nancy French Keene Point of View

I…okay…um…will do.

If this woman don’t have all the seats in Christendom. Look, personally, I don’t care if you’re raising an African orphan. Good for you! I’m sure someone really let you have it on Facebook when you put yourself out there as the great missionary picking up poor black orphans to raise because the Bible says that taking care of widows and orphans is true religion (James 1:27). Maybe you got the backlash because it comes off as bragging?

It’s fine to raise your African daughter as a Republican, but I’ll tell you that it might not work to your benefit in the end. I was raised as a Democrat and now I’m Independent. I’ve proudly voted for both Republican and Democratic candidates. Both parties have ideals with which I can identify (granted, with the current state of Red, I am more partial to Blue now).

But let’s be clear about your daughter, Mrs. French. She’s African. Africans don’t consider Black Americans on their level or as truly “Black.” Your daughter will look Black but will be African and probably talk White. Except for her skin color she’ll consider herself Black. There are some things that come along with being Black in America for which you can neither teach nor prepare her. At best you’ll have to explain it and say, “It’s going to be this way for you because of racism, but you can rise above it. Be the best you, but know you’ll have to run faster, jump higher, and think harder than anyone white just to prove you’re “just as good as” because while created equal, you won’t always be thought of as equal. Also, you’re a woman.”

I don’t know of one Black person over 25 who wasn’t raised that way. It’s not racist thinking, it’s just real. It prepares you for the harsh world. That’s something you can’t give her. Because she’s African, this whole “Black American” thing will be thrust upon her and she’ll be forced to adopt it – just like my African and Caribbean immigrant friends did – whether or not you like it. I’d recommend that you buy her the full collection of Eyes on the Prize and let her get familiar with not only Martin Luther King, Jr., but also James Baldwin, Angela Davis, and Langston Hughes. Life for her won’t be no crystal stair, and you owe it to her to love her and let her know it. I don’t want to see her grow up with difficulty comprehending this. It’ll be bad enough with her hair not being exactly right because you’re not “getting” the “needs” that her black hair requires.

Also, stop writing about it like you did some great deed for which we all should bow down and thank you. You adopted a child. Raise her in love and stop bragging about it like she’s some type of new accessory. You’re not Madonna and this isn’t a fad. It’s a child. Deal with it.

The thing about martyrs is that I don’t recall them reminding everyone that they were martyrs. Can we get back to that?


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