Virginia’s Morality Double Standard

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Per WSLS 10 in Richmond, Virginia, and the Associated Press, Virginia is considering a law that the governor likes. This law will formally end restrictions for heterosexual cohabitation. See here and below:

It’s time for Virginia to end an antiquated law that makes it a crime for unmarried couples to live together, Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell said in his monthly radio program Tuesday.
McDonnell didn’t endorse the concept of unwed households. As a graduate student at Pat Robertson’s Regent University, McDonnell railed against “cohabitators, homosexuals or fornicators” in a 1989 thesis. But he said people should not be subject to criminal penalties for it.
Sen. Adam Ebbin, D-Alexandria, won unanimous support Monday from the Courts of Justice Committee for his bill to eliminate the 63-year-old crime of “lewd and lascivious cohabitation.”

So, let’s recap: Virginia is okay with this

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enough to get rid of the (unenforced) law prohibiting it because enough people are doing it, and making it illegal would be silly at this point, but are not okay with this

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even though gays are cohabitating already for years on end without ever solidifying that union in a legal bond to protect their assets, property, and descendants. I have a friend who argued that gays can just get an attorney to do power of attorney magic at the low cost of around $600 like they did before gay rights became a social and civil rights issue. It’s okay for gays to jump through extra hoops because they’re not worth as much as straight people? Is that what I’m hearing?

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That’s real cute…

Listen, Virginia, you can’t just go around excusing heterosexual immorality without excusing all immorality. If this law, which was probably created from a Biblical/church-y standpoint (for it to be called “lewd and lascivious cohabitation”), is repealed, then you should permit gay marriage. If you view shacking up as a sin enough to make a law prohibiting it, then you probably made up the Marshall-Newman Amendment in Virginia to constitutionally prohibit gay marriage for the same reason – “gays are icky and composed of 100% pure sin.” It’s a double standard and it needs to stop.

You also have your governor, Bob McDonnell, personally feeling that cohabitation (shacking up; living in sin) is morally wrong, but shouldn’t be criminalized. He is also in favor of repealing the law. Why? Presumably because there is enough of it going on that no law would be able to stop it. It’s also been going for so long that the law stopped being enforced. Gays are also cohabitating and want legal protection and coverage that a legal marriage provides (most don’t even want the covering of a church or God on their union, thanks to the church completely ruining gay/Christian relationships since…oh…forever so far), but you’re against that.

If we’re not making shacking up illegal anymore, and you’re handling it from the stance of “I don’t agree with this, but it’s legal, but it’s not for me,” why can’t you have the same mindset for gay marriage? It’s the same as drinking or smoking – while legal, if you choose that it isn’t for you for moral or Spiritual reasons, then you abstain from it. Right? Right.

I mean, even Biblically, Cain’s great…etc….grandson Lamech had two wives (first example of marriage no longer being between one man and one woman). Abraham impregnated Hagar outside of his marriage because it was a socially accepted custom of the time and area in which they lived. Isaac had the option of doing this with Rebekah but chose to stick it out and see how things went with Rebekah even after she couldn’t have kids. They wound up having Esau and Jacob. Jacob had kids with four women – two wives and two official side chicks. David had multiple wives and Solomon had 700 wives and 300 official side chicks – almost all of them for political reasons.

So…except for Lamech (who isn’t an ancestor of Jesus), people in the bloodline of Jesus didn’t follow marriage as God ordained in the Garden of Eden to a T, so why are we such sticklers for it? Can I tell you how many married couples I know and read about who have long-standing open marriages, affairs, swingers parties, etc.? And on top of all of that people are getting married for military benefits, being able to live off-base, citizenship, to save kingdoms, family money, in order to be “saved” from a worse situation (to pay off debts, to become a kept woman/man, etc.), and in order to make a family because someone got pregnant by someone they can’t stand, but they’re trying to do what’s called “the honorable thing”.

If all that is going on in marriage and we’ve redefined it based on socially accepted customs of the area in which we’ve lived or the times in which we’ve lived, what’s the big deal with allowing gays to get married? Soon it will be a socially accepted custom of the time and area in which we live, and you’ll have a choice to make just like you do with cohabitation, alcohol or smoking; indulge or abstain.

The concept of marriage for everyone being a sanctified union unto God when we have so many laws involved in it, and a history of it changing to fit whatever mold a man or woman needed it to fit is just silly. And it’s time for everyone to grow up.


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