John McCain Embarrasses Us Again

| February 4, 2013 | 1 Comment

Former GOP Presidential candidate who unthinkingly shoots from the hip is called a Maverick John McCain took to Twitter to blast Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran sent a monkey into space in their efforts to beat the U.S. at becoming the first superpower to orbit the earth. They’re about 50 years behind, but, you know, YOLO. Here’s the tweet:


 Keene Point of View - John McCain v Iran

He’s such a thoughtful almost-President. I’d be proud to call him my leader. Except not.

Oh Senator McCain. Fresh off a less-than-stellar showing at Hillary Clinton’s Senate hearing where you got ignored and her “bored now” face, you go ahead and tweet this. Now, while some are going overboard by calling this racist, with you replying that is a joke, I think that you’re ultimately tone-deaf on things like this. You voted against MLK Day being a national holiday and you are quoted as saying that when you were in prison in Vietnam, they told you “useless” (my paraphrase) news about America such as MLK’s assassination.

These things come off as racist. You’re calling a Persian man a monkey and they are close to Africa in skin tone and geographic region. Many people refer to that whole region using derogatory names (monkeys, apes, sand people, etc.). I “get” that you probably meant you look at him as a buffoon, but it comes off as akin to calling him the n-word. Please stop shooting from the hip without thinking so much, Senator McCain. While you didn’t, thankfully, make it to the highest office in the land, you are still a high-ranking government official, and this is a poor representation of your official capacity and as an American.


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