Marco Rubio is WHAT, Time Magazine?

| February 7, 2013 | 1 Comment
Time Marco Rubio Keene Point of View

He’s SO not.
(Source: Time)

Time, girl, what? Nawl! No he ain’t! He can’t even name current hip hop artists without sounding detached from them in some sort of desperate GOP PR ploy to come off as “hip”. Also, GOP, the way to work with people you seem to hate is to actually work with them. Stop throwing up your painfully few minorities on the “Look, we can too!” stage. It works for Democrats because they engage at the grass-roots level with these people.

You haven’t and you’re trying to put a good face on something that’s missing from the inside. This isn’t a simple PR campaign, GOP. How you create laws, vote, obstruct…these are the things for which people are remembering you. Not for having a former beauty queen as a Vice Presidential nominee, black female Secretary of State, a Latino Attorney General, Indian-American Southern governor, and a Cuban-American U.S. Senator who doesn’t speak Spanish.

In all those examples I bet no one remembered what they were supposed to bring to the table. I’m sure all their flaws took prominence over any other thoughts about them. Palin was laughable. Rice lied. Gonzalez lied. Jindal is taking his state down. Rubio is really trying to become a star (and everyone thinks he’s fluent in Spanish).

However, when I mention Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Tammy Baldwin, you’re probably thinking of their “minority” statuses along with the work they’ve done (or are doing). See the differences there? Democrats have put in work with these groups and it makes sense that they excel in the party.

GOP has put in work with old rich white men and it makes sense that they…or those who think exactly like them enough to always keep the old rich white men in power as a de facto protected class…excel in the party.

Read here for 8 reasons why Marco Rubio is not the savior of the Republican Party. I can’t believe Time tried it. Like, have a seat Time magazine. All the seats in Christendom. They’re yours.


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