Jesus Resigned His Position?

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Pope Benedict Keene Point of View

Jesus…just…RETIRED? Huh?
(Source: AP)

DISCLAIMER: I am about to shade the Catholic Church.

According to my study and understanding of Catholicism, the Pope is the physical incarnation of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Head of the Christian Church. As such, Catholics believe that the Pope (as the Head of the “true” church) is the physical manifestation of Jesus Christ.

I have several problems with this, chief among those the dumbing down of the power and authority that Jesus has after rising from the grave. If this is indeed the physical manifestation of Jesus Christ, why is he limited to frail humanity when he overcame those limitations and even death itself? Why would he step back into something he conquered for all time?

Why would he choose to personally oversee re-appointments and transfers of those in his employ who violated the innocence and sexuality of little children, the ones for whom Jesus said “Suffer [them] to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.”? I hope Heaven isn’t full of whining snot-nosed booger snatchers, or that we’ll be reduced to that. I don’t think that’s what Jesus meant, though. But I digress…

I know that Catholicism is a mixture of Christianity and paganism – “Look, we’re taking over the world with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. However, some of you are confused over what to do now with one God being that you’ve had several. So, instead of your gods of farming and fertility, we’ll transition you to icons (saints) who essentially do the same thing. Patron saint of fertility, St. Anne = Hera, Greek goddess of fertility.” – but where did the church lose its way? I guess I just answered that by combining religions to make it “easier” on new converts. And thus began the focus on ritual and laws over grace, forgiveness, and love, I guess.

Now the leader of the Catholic church (Pope Benedict XVI) is stepping down. I didn’t know you could resign the position of being Jesus. I thought your life essence just passed onto whomever was democratically elected by an internal worldwide body of Cardinals – this last time for Pope John Paul II, it passed onto a former Hitler Youth member. Catholic Human Jesus has had quite the interesting past.

While I don’t remember anything particularly spectacular that Pope Benedict XVI did aside from speak against gay people whenever given a microphone, I wish him well in his…retirement? Is there even a retirement package for Popes? What will he do with his time? I’m so confused and bewildered. I blame Obama. Anyway, I’d rather trust and believe in the Jesus who rose from the dead instead of the Jesus who lives in opulence in a small city-state and requires a pacemaker. That’s not an all-powerful Savior, in my opinion. Barack Obama, on the other hand…

I’m kidding. Obama isn’t Jesus.



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