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Christianity Gay Politics

Keene Point of View 03292013

HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY!  This week is just one topic – MARRIAGE EQUALITY! It was the hot topic in the news, so why not piggyback on

Keene Point of View - Environment
Christianity Gay Politics

A Christian’s Call: Caring for the Environment

I did a devotion yesterday and it spoke of caring for the environment. The author spoke of a woman who didn’t feel it was her

HRC Red Keene Point of View
Gay Politics

What’s Next for Gays?

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is hearing arguments for and against Proposition 8 from California, which banned same-sex marriages after the state

Keene Point of View - Prop 8
Gay Politics

Children: The Case Against Gay Marriage

I was reading this and came across the following quote: Urging the Supreme Court to reverse those rulings, Prop 8’s defenders argue that the state has

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Keene Point of View 03222013

I’M SORRY THIS IS BEING POSTED SO LATE!  My Web hosting service was down for much of the day unexpectedly. ::shakes fist in rage:: This

Keene Point of View - Reince Priebus
Barack Obama Conservatives Liberals Politics

GOP’s Hope and Change Campaign

The political party that closely aligns with conservatism, the Republican Party (Grand Old Party [GOP]) is currently trying to revamp their public image and perception

Keene Point of View - Satan Obama
Barack Obama Christianity Conservatives Entertainment Liberals Politics

Everything Saying “Bible” Ain’t From God

Last night I saw my Twitter feed blow up about The History Channel show, The Bible. The show is a 10-hour miniseries that aims to bring

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Keene Point of View 03152013

HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m taking Christians and Americans to task on gay marriage after learning about a porn star and his partner’s suicide because they couldn’t

Sad Paul Ryan - Keene Point of View
Christianity Conservatives Politics

America: A Modern Sodom and Gomorrah

America is big enough to help out those who are less-than and if they have to depend on private citizens who view them as nothing more than lazy moochers, then they’re doomed…

Tim Kaine Official Portrait - Keene Point of View
Liberals Politics

Tim Kaine’s (False?) Hope

  While driving to work this morning, I heard Senator (and former Virginia governor) Tim Kaine on a phone interview on the radio. He stated

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