Tim Kaine’s (False?) Hope

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Tim Kaine Official Portrait - Keene Point of View

Senator Tim Kaine (D) – Virginia

While driving to work this morning, I heard Senator (and former Virginia governor) Tim Kaine on a phone interview on the radio. He stated that the current sequestration headache we are enduring as a nation may be coming to a close – eventually. Apparently the Democrats in the Senate came up with a budget that will be proposed today and it includes massive revenue generation and spending cuts. The GOP version only includes spending cuts and (laughably) a demand to repeal Obamacare.

Senator Kaine stated that Congress is now doing what they should have done in the beginning – what state legislatures and Congress used to do, apparently – they’re coming up with budgets, meeting about them, and smelting it down to a passable budget. He said now Americans will get to chime in with what they like and don’t like about each budget, and the Senators and House Reps can vote on the budget to help us get a better fiscal standing.

Once we do this and put together a workable solution that has revenues and cuts, we will probably be in a better off financial situation that the rest of the world, which makes us look good and helps us secure our place as a leader again. (He said some of that, the rest was my input.)

So, here’s hoping that something can work out and we finally get back on the path to negotiation through this lost process. Apparently we used to do this and got away from it in 2009. It’s also been the only thing that has worked. Finally, Congress is doing its job. I hope they keep at it. There has been too much jockeying for attention and now the country is hurting because of intransigence.

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