Children: The Case Against Gay Marriage

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I was reading this and came across the following quote:

Urging the Supreme Court to reverse those rulings, Prop 8’s defenders argue that the state has a legitimate reason for treating same-sex couples differently: only couples consisting of a man and a woman can produce children.

“This indisputable difference between same-sex and opposite-sex relationships demonstrates that Proposition 8 is constitutional, for the Constitution requires only that a state treat similarly situated persons similarly,” they argue in their legal brief filed with the court.

Keene Point of View - Prop 8

Um…Proposition 8 (Prop 8) proponents, that’s your argument?!

Listen, the other side has discrimination, legal hurdles to have to “show your papers” for the 1,800 couples that got married during the time when California allowed gay marriage, how people are taking fear and bigotry to the polls to enact a vote, how the tide of the country has changed even since 2008 to be okay with gay marriage, to more people understanding the difference between legal marriage and religion (if you don’t believe it’s about legal marriage, do you get divorced in the church or at the court?), and the list goes on. There are heartrending stories of people being disenfranchised by Prop 8 and also the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and the best you have is that gay people can’t naturally have kids?

Let me tear down that argument really quickly with the argument that infertile couples cannot have kids either and resort to adoption and fertility treatments. Some gay couples also turn to this if they don’t have a willing female nearby to be a surrogate for them. There are more ways to have kids aside from a man and woman creating one by accident or on purpose. That is truly a weak argument, in my opinion, to be against gay marriage. Kids. Really?

How many times lately has the “I’m thinking of the children” worked in court when it was clear that discrimination was the key issue? It didn’t work in Louisiana when a judge denied a marriage license to an interracial couple because he was thinking of the hardships their future children would endure, and it shouldn’t work now. I hope the Supreme Court of the United States smacks down Prop 8 so hard that the earth shakes a bit.

Kids! Some couples don’t even want kids, and many are having kids without the benefit of being married, but we’re supposed to take up this fight against gays to “right things wrong in the world” because NOW is the prime time to do so, not back then when things were just starting to break down? I say NAWL!


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