What’s Next for Gays?

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The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is hearing arguments for and against Proposition 8 from California, which banned same-sex marriages after the state issued 1,800 of them. SCOTUS is also hearing arguments for and against the Defense of Marriage Act. Both of these landmark decisions will be reached in June, no doubt, and it will be an emotional day for either side of the issues.

What is next for gays, though, if they lose with SCOTUS? What if the court rules that discrimination can apply to marriages in this country, or what if they leave it up to states to decide? What if they say, “states can do what they like, but federally, there is no legal recognition of gay unions; they can hire lawyers to divide their estates.”? (Is that punctuation correct?)

What is the next fight? How does this change things? Sure, it legally relegates gays to being second-class citizens, but what if that happened? Would there be grounds on which to stand for gay adoptions? Would it be challenged later? Would there be enough energy to take up the fight for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)?

If the worse thing to happen were to happen, where would the money and energies flow within the gay rights movement? What rights would be left for which to fight?

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