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| April 18, 2013 | 2 Comments
Please. No more.  Source (Joey Gates, Deviant Art)

Please. No more.
Source: Joey Gates, Deviant Art

I thought that this week would slow down with the bad news after the Boston Marathon bombings, but it just hasn’t let up! This week is already getting on my nerves with what’s going on nationally and personally. Here is a summary:

1. Boston Marathon bombings – Seriously, people?! These people worked hard to qualify for this world famous marathon and now many of them are injured to the point where they had their limbs blown off or mangled so badly that they’re now learning how to live as paraplegics. They will never run again in a regular marathon and have to learn how to compete in Special Olympics, if they have the nerve to do it after getting over this shock. Also, three people died, including an 8 year old boy. What would possess a person to do this? Demons? Oh yeah, them.

2. Ricin mailings – Again, SERIOUSLY? Apparently, this isn’t related to the bombings, but it’s awfully close together. A man from Mississippi who writes Congress incessantly was arrested for potentially mailing letters laced with ricin (which can kill someone [basically it makes them have intense unending diarrhea so much they lose all their electrolytes in their body and their hearts stop] in a short time with the amount the size of the head of a pin) to Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi and President Barack Obama. I don’t even know what this guy, Paul Kevin Curtis, hoped to achieve with this stunt, or what his motives are. I guess we’ll find out.

3. Fertilizer plant exploding in West, Texas – I saw the explosion on video and it’s killed 12 people already and the death toll is climbing. About 50 people were sent to hospitals for treatment. Like someone said on Twitter, “I’m burned out on Armageddon. I’d like it to stop.” Me too, sis. Me too.

4. Georgetown, Washington, DC, now that it’s warmer – I have to go to Georgetown at least 4 times per week during the work week and parking is usually easy if you know where to grab a free spot after 630 p.m. However, lately, because it’s been warm in the evenings, people have taken it upon themselves to enjoy evenings there, getting in the way with their walking, biking, lost/confused driving skills (mostly Northern Virginians), and taking up all the good spaces. If I could get away with mowing them all down with a monster truck, I would most certainly do that. Does anyone have one for use for about 10 minutes?

5. People who take Twitter too seriously – seriously, go outside and play. I know that Facebook and Twitter have enhanced how people interact (and get offended for social slights), but it’s not that serious with someone you don’t know on Twitter. I’ve seen people launch into mini-140-character-tweets/manifestos against whomever has slighted them. And in most cases, they won’t “@” the person they’re talking to but will subtweet for an entire night. And the people who are acting like their opinions are facts? And don’t get me going on people who disagree with you politically when something goes wrong that you wanted to happen but they can’t have a decent dialogue with you. Which brings me to-

6. I’ll just say this about the background checks part of this gun bill that they’re trying to pass on the Hill – if Congress can’t get it together to put a spending plan together since 2008, and if the GOP portion of Congress has been stuck in the mud since the black man (President Obama) took office, how the heck did we ever expect them to do anything about gun control? Seriously. Health care reform took only one side of Congress to pass and anything else (aside from DADT repeal) has been a joke. If the NRA is more powerful than the message behind those children killed in Newtown sends, then I am deeply saddened by the state of our nation. A group that exists solely for making money for gun manufacturers matters more than children who died. If those kids were killed in Texas or Wyoming, we would have had expanded background checks (and more sensible gun regulations), as the NRA used to want before Obama said he was for it, within a week of the event occurring. It’s sad that it has to come to that before people see a better way for all. If the people who voted against it said, “We’ll work on rewriting it to be a better bill,” I’d let it pass. To analyze that it probably won’t be touched again by this Congress? I haz sads.

7. Finally, I’m tired of laziness. I got blood drawn for a food allergy test yesterday at the Allergist’s office and the technician removed his glove to get a better feel for the vein on my arm (which was sticking up pretty well on its own). He didn’t put a glove back on and stuck my arm. He switched vials once one was done and there was blood spilling on several surfaces, INCLUDING HIS BARE HAND. When the second vial was full, he laid down the first one on a metal tray which had some blood on it along with blood on the tip of the first vial. He stuck his gloved hand (which had blood on it) into a tissue box because he couldn’t find his cotton balls to apply when he pulled out the needle. Finally, he pulls out the needle and applies pressure with two tissues WITH HIS BARE HAND SPOTTED WITH BLOOD on the spot where the blood was being drawn. He then wiped up the tray (no disinfectant) and rubbed his hands with hand sanitizer before leaving to administer an allergy shot to another patient. Listen…what if that wasn’t my blood? How much other blood has been lazily wiped up? I will not be returning there. I reported him to the doctor and DC Department of Health.

That’s all (for now). My prayers are with the victims, survivors, and their loved ones of the Boston bombings, gun tragedies, and fertilizer plan explosion.


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  1. Vince Lupiani says:

    The second amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees every American the right to bear arms. Has any law ever been so ambiguous? What are arms? What does it mean to bear them? At least with the first amendment we know exactly where we stand: Freedom of speech. It couldn’t be any clearer. But, the right to bear arms leaves the second amendment open to different interpretations. We need gun permits to carry a concealed weapon. Do we need knife permits? No. Yet both can, and often do, cause death. We can own a gun, or a rifle, or a sub-machine gun, or a machete, and dozens of other tools to kill, even our own bare hands. So, gun control is a debate in our country that makes no sense unless you broaden the ban or acceptance to include all instruments of death….

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    • jamin says:

      Knives can cause death but not at the rate and efficiency of a gun. By that logic we should also regulate frying pans, scissors, and even toothbrushes because they can stab people in the softer, hollow parts of the body.

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