What God Oversees

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I was going to blog about the NRA’s convention where they basically ginned up everyone’s fear of needing armed insurrection against the U.S. government for the coming race/anti-government/round two of the “War of Northern Aggression” until such time as a white Republican man resumes being President of the United States, but I’m tired of this argument. How “let’s have background checks to help prevent mentally ill people and convicted criminals from legally acquiring guns” turned into “That HNIC is trying to take away our guns,” I’ll never know. As I said, there was less outrage when Clinton, Bush, and Bush were in office and an assault weapons ban was put in place under Clinton.


What this springboards me into, however, is a discussion about the busyness of God. When I went to Rwanda and Kenya and witnessed the rural and urban poverty in both places (rural in Rwanda and urban in Kenya [Kibera Slum]), I was struck at how much I think of God only paying attention to America. It’s my fault and the fault of American Christianity for doing this. We often think that God only looks out for America because we put the name “God” on our currency and some believe that Jesus Himself gave Thomas Jefferson the words to write for the Declaration of Independence, and took over James Madison’s brain and fingers to write the Constitution. I guess Satan possessed other writers who drafted Amendments 11-27, depending on whether or not you like them.

God, however, doesn’t work like that. He’s bigger than politics and way more concerned about his creations than we are about each other. I thought about all the confusion that’s going on today in this country alone and got overwhelmed. You have people for and against gays and transgendered. You have people not understanding either. You have people choosing to live together interminably and get divorced within 3 years of getting married after living together for 7 years or more. You have people saying they don’t need to go to church because church is full of hypocrites, like they’ve never been two-faced about anything in their lives. (That also contradicts Scripture – we’re supposed to assemble together and not forsake it.)

You have people abusing the Bible, abusing the name of the Lord, Joel Osteen-ing it up all over the place (“feel good about yourself and ignore anything in the Bible that makes you feel uncomfortable; what matters is your overall good feelings about your good self”), making Luciferian/Satanic/Illuminati/Occult symbols and things de rigueur, and we’re supposed to make sense of it all. We’re out here confused a lot of times, searching for peace and understanding, and without fail, God reaches through all the mess and gets our minds right. But think about how much mess there is to reach through. Yet, when asked, God keeps showing up (and a lot of times shows up daily in the small things we take for granted – waking up, breathing, easy commute to work when you left late and traffic should be worse).

I think that confusion and utter insanity will continue to increase. I mean, mass killings and horrible things occurring are becoming the norm from people-influenced actions to things like blizzards in May in North America’s Plains States. End times? Sure? Give up hope? Never. Will order be restored? Eventually, but I think we have to go through a long time of confusion, agitation, lies, deception, and let the brightly burning attractive (and distracting) light of distortion burn out before we can see where to start rebuilding once our eyes adjust to what we need to see.

Are we at our end? Is life becoming confusing for you too, or is it opening up for you?


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