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| May 8, 2013 | 2 Comments

In a world where former famous people sign up for “reality” shows that show them at their worst, it can be a welcome departure to see real everyday people being themselves on the news for various reasons. It refreshes us and our brains to see some form of truth in a world of lies presented as reality. Like these three honest people.

Keene Point of View - 3 Reality People Real

Three Sincere People
Sources: LA Weekly, Straight from the A, NPR

Antoine Dodson was a hero. He saved his sister from an intruder. Sweet Brown (I love her! @teamsweetbrown) was so sincere telling her story of how she thought she was about to die in a fire. Charles Ramsey gave a normal interview and I didn’t see what all the fuss was about from an average man until I heard the ending. That part sent me in! “You know something is wrong when a pretty little white girl runs into the arms of a black man!” And seeing the white reporters get uncomfortable with the truth he just told? High comedy.

What these stories do, though, is restore my faith in humanity. I believe that everyone is born evil and is inherently programmed to do the wrong thing. I don’t mean that everyone is a pre-programmed homicidal assassin awaiting the right moment or trigger phrase, but when the first word you teach a child is “No,” there is a predisposition to do more wrong than right. You have to learn how to do good. You have to learn how to do the right thing. You have to be taught. You don’t have to be taught how to run with scissors when you can barely walk. You don’t have to be taught how to disobey the rules during nursery school quiet time. You don’t have to learn how to lie or cheat. It comes naturally. You have to learn how not to do those things.

Antoine Dodson is a good brother. Charles Ramsey is a hero. He’s the one who saw something and said something when others didn’t! These kidnapped girls had banged on the windows before and one crawled around the backyard naked, yet no one said anything. Finally, Charles Ramsey showed up, saved the day, and doesn’t want credit for it. As a bonus, he self-classifies as a Christian and it’s nice to get good Christian coverage these days with Westboro Baptist Church recently blaming same-sex marriage on Elvis Presley’s way of living.

epic side-eyeYeah, Chantal, I don’t know either.

Sure, these three had horrible hair when they were interviewed, are in the lower rungs of the American economy, and have dental issues, but they’re real, they’re American, they’re here, and they’re intriguing. They’re also gonna milk their 15 minutes of fame and try to stretch it into a full half-hour reality show. I don’t blame them. As for the laughs I had? I was laughing at their sincerity and felt refreshed that I finally saw people who didn’t manufacture their reality. They operate in it daily, even if it goes over the top. I come from a family like this and I laugh at/with them for the same reason too.

What about you? Did you laugh at them or with them? Do you think they’re real and refreshing based on the fake reality stars we see on the shiny shows?


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  1. 20017 says:

    We all have something to learn from Chuck Ramsey. His very presence forces us to revisit the definition of class. I find Chuck’s humility refreshing. Amanda Berry would have never thought her savior would have appeared in the flesh of a Black, restaurant worker.

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