Dick Cheney Tried It

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While I was minding my own business reading Twitter on a coffee break, I came across this article by Think Progress. Dick Cheney referred to the Benghazi attack in Libya as one of the worst incidences he could recall in his career.

Girl, what?

Girl, what?

Like, really? No, FOR REAL?

Dick Cheney, who now just exists as an animated corpse powered by Lucifer himself, is so serious and not ironic at all with that statement. I’m looking at him like, “Really, sis? You just gon’ be real slick with your mouth and forget your entire term as Vice President, tho?”

What I mean is:

1. Ignored intelligence from Europe that warned the Bush White House, NSA, and CIA about impending terror attacks the week of September 11, 2001, USING JETS, resulting in the deaths of 3,000 Americans compared to the 4 in Benghazi.

2. Invading Iraq supposedly looking for “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (WMDs) and then changing it to “Oops! We mean we wanted to do a regime change and forcibly implement democracy,” which has never worked anywhere at any time in history. So, you know, they lied. Tens of thousands of Iraqis died and thousands of Americans have died in Iraq compared to the 4 in Benghazi.

3. Lied about cost of war by not including it in federal budget.

4. Abu Gharib.

5. Valerie Plame, which was all his fault and they used Scooter Libby as a scapegoat.

6. Thirteen attacks on foreign U.S. compounds, resulting in the deaths of almost a dozen Americans, compared to the 4 in Benghazi.

7. And as the article states, Cheney was a Congressman from Wyoming on the committee investigating the Iran-Contra scandal and said that Congress was overreaching into executive prerogative. This scandal was an actual cover-up.

It’s only Tuesday, but Dick Cheney, you are a contender for the worst person of the week. Why anyone bothered to ask you for an opinion on anything other than a heart replacement surgeon, or tips for making deals with Satan to prolong your life is beyond me. Have a seat, hypocrite. Now.

Emperor Palpatine Credit: AP

Emperor Palpatine
Credit: AP


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