Errybody Freak Out! The IRS “Scandal”

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Yesterday, I blogged about Benghazi being one of the worst incidents of SDick Cheney’s career, and today there is another “scandal” brewing because it concerns mostly white people and fits the narrative of conservatives being under attack and whining about every little thing someone does against them (even if it’s not really against them – check Michelle Malkin’s Twitter feed to see what I mean), meanwhile when they do it to others, they’re being patriotic and everyone else is just being too sensitive. (Reference: ANYTHING Ann Coulter says.)

The bane of our existence.

The bane of our existences.

This scandal concerns the IRS. The IRS apparently probed and asked for more information from conservative political groups that wanted to register as 501(c)4 (AKA: C4s). The issue is that the IRS targeted groups with “Patriot” or “Tea Party” in the name. The C4 designation can be used for a political lobbying group, but not for a group that campaigns. The designation ensures tax exemption.

See, the IRS has become lax lately with groups claiming C4 status that then go out and do campaigning. The donors also aren’t paying a gift tax on their donations as they should. On top of everything else, these groups now feel bad about being singled out by an institution claiming that they may not be all that they’re cracked up to be, similar to how these groups labeled President Obama as being the “other,” dangerous, a socialist, Kenyan, Muslim, Atheist, witch doctor, fascist, Nazi, and someone who needed to prove his citizenship and qualifications for being President with a long-form birth certificate and undergraduate college transcripts.

 photo 1038_88f1_zpsc30010a9.gif

Mm hmm. I went there. Doesn’t feel so good, does it?


Adding to this wonderful orgy is my point that when liberal churches, groups, and organizations (NAACP) were targeted by the IRS under the Bush administration, not a peep was raised from anyone but those organizations about how wrong it was to be targeted politically. Buuuuut only a few outlets have brought that up and challenged all the naysayers. I know, I know. The excuse of “But the other guy did it too,” doesn’t fly as valid, but it’s what’s happening. I don’t know why it’s up to President Obama to be the one who “sets things right” when no other president was held to that standard as they messed things up with real scandals/cover-ups like:

1. Watergate

2. Iran-Contra

3. Monica Lewinsky

4. Ignoring 9/11 intelligence

5. WMDs

6. Valerie Plame

and were given free passes from one side or the other. Now, everyone is in a ridiculous tizzy on both sides of the political spectrum saying how wrong it is for the IRS to target people politically, never minding the fact that they might have been just simply cracking down on who applies to be a C4 organization this time around. Under Bush they targeted anyone who spoke against the President and his administration.

Now, in 2010, UNDER A BUSH APPOINTEE WHO WAS AWARE OF THE CONSERVATIVE GROUP INVESTIGATION, this is appearing to be a crackdown on these particular groups who were trying to be C4 but actually campaigning. There aren’t many lobbying groups that would need that designation, so they probably thought it was odd that Tea Party groups were registering as lobbying groups or traditional non-profit groups when everyone in the news knew they were campaigning, politically active, and some even supported candidates for GOP primaries.

What’s important to remember in this is that scandals usually take weeks (or months) to fully unfold and everyone is reacting to sound bytes or wants to show that they are serious, outraged, and in control. Like, for instance, Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia. He said that someone should be fired. Maybe. Maybe you let the investigation play out and see if there was any true wrongdoing. How ’bout that?

Tim Kaine Official Portrait - Keene Point of View

Senator Tim Kaine (D) – Virginia

It’s tragic, sad, and disgusting that it had to come to THIS for someone to finally say that the IRS targeting people politically is wrong. I guess, in the end, conservatives are proving useful for several things – whining, complaining, and playing the victim until they get their way. I can almost guarantee that the IRS will lose some clout, power, and be forced to deregulate some behind this if it gets away from them – i.e. – a Karl Rove/Libertarian/Tea Partier’s dream. Maybe the IRS was simply doing their job for the first time in a long time. Maybe not. Why don’t we wait and see what plays out? Oh, right. That won’t sell or give lawmakers a chance to posture.

 photo tumblr_inline_mh8riqoD5E1qz4rgp_zpscc43455e.gif

How do you think this will end? Is it a real scandal? Will anyone really pursue the IRS hard or will they back away out of fear of getting audited and having to pay more money or face jail time? The IRS always gets their money and man/woman.


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