Does Pat Robertson Have Dementia?

| May 21, 2013 | 8 Comments

Does Pat Robertson have dementia? I seriously want to know. My mother (who I just found out reads my blog…so I can’t ever cuss on here. Well, that and the “Jesus is my Savior” public blog thing…*praise wave*) and I were talking about how Pat Robertson recently told a woman with a cheating husband to stay in her marriage and provide a better home for her husband. He also said that the husband “is a man,” so I guess that means he can’t make the responsible manly adult choice to stay faithful.

Does Pat Robertson Have Dementia - Keene Point of View

The double peace signs, tho? Like Nixon…
Credit: Brian Snyder, Reuters

So, that happened and then I read this article from If you’re not aware (and by all means, if you’re not aware, crawl out from that rock under which you’ve gotten yourself wedged, post haste), yesterday, the town of Moore, Oklahoma, was devastated by a 1 mile-wide tornado that destroyed the town with above 200 mph winds. There are many people dead, including children.

So, Pat Robertson inserted himself into the Oklahoma tragedy by answering a question from someone asking why God allowed this tragedy to happen. While Robertson correctly stated that weather patterns just happen and people take risks in living in places that are more prone to them, he incorrectly stated that if Oklahomans had just prayed a little bit harder that God would have spared them. When, exactly, should they have prayed a little bit harder? Before the storm, during the storm, when they saw the funnel cloud form? This was totally not the commentary needed on this tragedy.

Someone really needs to look into Pat Robertson’s mental state. I have questions and concerns. Observations and opinions. I mean, the man said a year or so back that God didn’t destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for homosexuality, but for the sin of pride (mostly) as Ezekiel said later on. I mean…how dare he?! Everyone knows that the men of Sodom demanded a voluntary public town square orgy with the angels! Because that’s how gay men have sex – aggressive demands of the house guests of a rich citizen. No wooing, arousal, dating, money spent, promises of forever or of amazing orgasms at all. Completely different from what straight men offer women in order to have sex with them.

Is Pat Robertson senile now? Does Pat Robertson Have Dementia? Is he just saying anything he wants? Is he just randomly stringing things together now? What’s really going on?


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  1. TajMahal says:

    LOL Dementia, yes, that’s it! This man is absolutely ridiculous every second of the day.

    But then again, I’ve heard people half his age say the same things, so maybe it’s not just his old-timers kicking in.

  2. I believe he does. He was always a man of strong conviction but he seems to have turned more and more delusional

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