Homophobic Parents Be Irrational, Yo

| May 23, 2013 | 2 Comments

A white girl is in legal trouble in Florida, and we all must flock to her aid! Wait. What? She’s gay?! Well that splits the “help” she’ll get quite nicely.

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Okay, that was a harsh opening, but I was kind of annoyed that a fuss was made over her when I saw her skin color, gender, and read the story. I got annoyed because the same thing has happened to black teenage boys dating white girls. These guys were basketball stars and were almost guaranteed basketball scholarships, but the white girl’s father didn’t like that her daughter was dating this type of guy (a good student and basketball star) and waited until the guy turned 18 and pressed charges against him for having sex with his 15 year old daughter. He’s a high school senior. She’s a high school Freshman (or Sophomore). There are MANY stories about this all over the country. Parents can be some vindictive people, and the media loves themselves some white women victims to sell a story for ratings, even if it never resolves itself.

What made me take another look at this story mid-eye-roll was the fact that Kaitlyn Hunt is a lesbian. This vital tidbit made my blood warm up some. They’re singling her out because she’s a lesbian! Surely, someone doesn’t like that she’s a lesbian! That has to be it!

Keene Point of View - Kaitlyn Hunt

Kaitlyn Hunt
Credit: FreeKate.Net

Then my blood got fully angried up when I read that the parents of the 14 year old girlfriend were the ones pressing charges because they don’t like that Kaitlyn is gay and I’m assuming they feel that she turned their daughter gay. So, instead of telling your daughter to stop seeing her girlfriend (or you know, do some doggone parenting and stop it yourself), you decide to ruin Kaitlyn’s life and make her out to be a sexual deviant who, if convicted, will have that on her record forever.

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Are you serious, parents?

I bet you $10 to nil that these parents claim to be born-again Christians. Where does it teach in Christianity to legally threaten the future of a child and ruin their life just because life isn’t working out the way you want it with regard to their friendship with your own child? You can feel that homosexuality is ruining your child’s life all you want, but you don’t take it out on their special friend. If Kaitlyn was feeding her girlfriend drugs, plying her with alcohol, and encouraging her to rob banks, I could understand. This? This is not effective parenting or Christian living. You waited until Kaitlyn turned 18 just to press charges against her and even had a cop do a phone sting operation to nab Kaitlyn on sex charges. On top of that, Kaitlyn, a Senior, had been dating the girlfriend, a Freshman, for a while before Kaitlyn turned 18! Look, parents, your daughter will never thank you for “saving” her from her girlfriend. If anything, she’ll become the preeminent motorcycle-driving stud to end all studs in the future. Homophobic parents be irrational, yo!

I hope this case never sees a trial and that the charges are dropped soon. If you wish to join the campaign to “Free Kate“, see the link included.


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  1. TajMahal says:

    This whole situation is BS. People do way too much with their privilege.

    • jamin says:

      Yeah, and now it’s coming out that Kate was 18 before the relationship started with the 14 year old, which sounds nasty in theory, but when you see that they were in 9th and 12th grades in the same high school, it loses its “Eww!” factor. They’re contemporaries by age. It happens to straight kids too. It doesn’t have to go that far. I understand that the girl ran away from home to be with Kate, but the response is to attack Kate when the issue is your rebellious daughter? If they’d just sit back and think for a moment…

      In my high school we had two students who were held back two years before they got to 10th and 11th grades. They either would be 20 or going on 20 when they graduated. Both of these guys dated girls legally too young for them but we were all in high school. Their parents never raised a legal fuss as they could have done, but either liked the guys or just became frustrated in their daughter’s dating choices.

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