Christians and Republicans, Sitting in a Tree…

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Sad Paul Ryan - Keene Point of View

I was inspired to do this blog post today based on another blog post I read from Forward Progressives about how Republicans are not Christians, but they used Christianity to blindly guide Christians into voting along with the party and tying their beliefs to a political party. Christians and Republicans never should have gotten hitched. The author, Allen Clifton, calls what they are doing “Republicanity” and it’s not real Christianity.

I agree with Mr. Clifton. I grew up in a school that is still largely right-wing conservative to this day, and while the ideas sound good in a vacuum, it took some doses of reality from my parents (lifelong conservative-leaning Democrats) to see the flaws in both ideologies. Thus, they raised an Independent Centrist who swings more left than right.

While at that school, however, aside from a few nut jobs, I didn’t really mind conservatives. They used to be sensible. However, I couldn’t predict what was about to happen when Newt Gingrich took over as Speaker of the House, then Republicans started taking moral stands against Bill Clinton and other Democrats like Nixon wasn’t a bad excuse for a Republican moralist. Oh, and Ronald Reagan wasn’t all that great, to be honest. George Bush, Sr., was about the last decent Republican President, in my opinion. It was right around 1996 that I started noting how the tone of the party had changed. Suddenly, anyone who was a Democrat or Liberal was bound for Hell and only real Christ-followers were Republicans. Apparently, the black church is bound for Hell.

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I began having problems sometime around 2004 when Bush got reelected with what was said about people who didn’t agree with conservative ideology. Suddenly everyone who wasn’t a loyal “Bushie” in and out of the administration was deemed “unAmerican”. Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck on Fox News called them anarchists. When President Obama got elected in 2008, the country was devolving into tyranny. The America that we all came to know and love for “God, guts, and g(l)ory” was somehow being overtaken by “Satan, fear, and shame.” And some of this language came right from the mouths of popular conservative Christian pastors on radio and television all because an election didn’t go their way, and they would actually have to do some work without the support of the country, per se, in reaching people’s hearts, which should have been the goal the entire time.

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No political party fully represents what Christians should believe 100%. Calling yourself a “good Republican Christian” only serves to make man happy while God looks at your heart and is all, “Would you please let me clean out the bile? Your heart is turning black and you’re turning numb to me.” I would love it if the message of personal responsibility (with which I wholeheartedly agree. We’re responsible for answering for our own lives at the end of the day) would stay in the arena of politics and personal lives, and that politics had nothing to do with Christianity. Sure, vote for the person you feel best represents your interests and values, but don’t conflate your political beliefs with your faith. One of those is beyond facts and it’s not your political beliefs. Politics should be based on facts and what you can see. If you place your faith in politics, that’s how you get hoodwinked, swindled, and used just to put someone in office who won’t pay you any attention until it’s time to get your vote again as they make more empty promises by using such buzz words as “abortion”, “gay marriage amendment”, “build a wall”, and “trickle-down economics”. That’s if they don’t yell about morality all the time and then get caught soliciting gay sex while in a public restroom, talmbout, “I’m not gay! I just like penis – the touch; the feel; the warmth. My wife doesn’t have one, you see.”

Keene Point of View - Larry Craig

I paraphrased (read/shaded/came for) this man, former U.S. Senator
Larry Craig.
(Source: Wikipedia)

I hope this message reaches some Republicans who are tying their faith to their politics. Get back to Jesus because honestly, Jesus never said, “Forget the poor and widows! Subjugate your womenfolks! Ridicule, chastise, and execute the homos! Always take care of the rich!” And neither did his apostles.  FYI – you look really stupid living out your Christianity through your political beliefs. Even your beloved Christian politicians don’t do that. If they did, they’d know that lying is a sin and Michele Bachmann wouldn’t be able to live with herself.


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