Ellen Sturtz Heckled Michelle Obama

| June 5, 2013 | 4 Comments

And got her butt handed back to her. Ellen, boo, you ain’t ’bout that life. Michelle Obama is not the one.

So, Michelle Obama, the current awesome First Lady of the United States of America was in a private home in upper Northwest Washington, DC, on Tuesday. According to the Washington Post

Obama was addressing a Democratic Party fundraiser in a private Kalorama home in Northwest Washington when Ellen Sturtz, 56, a lesbian activist interrupted her remarks to demand that President Obama sign an anti-discrimination executive order.

Ellen Sturtz - Keene Point of View

Ellen Sturtz, the one who tried it.
(Credit: LGBTQ Nation)

So, Mrs. Obama said, “One of the things that I don’t do well is this,” meaning dealing with hecklers. On the other hand, President Obama deals well with hecklers, giving it right back to them and telling them to have plenty of seats in a diplomatic manner. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, doesn’t play that negotiate with hecklers. President Obama has repeatedly said that people don’t need to mess with Michelle Obama because she’s not as patient as he is. President Obama, you see, often doesn’t show anger. The only time I’ve seen him angry is during his second Presidential debate with Mitt Romney. Mrs. Obama today proved how opposites attract for herself and President Obama.

Keene Point of View - Michelle Obama

This hair is wrapped in a scarf before bed. Women who wrap their hair in scarves are NOT to be messed with.
(Credit: Biography)


According to the report, Mrs. Obama left the lectern and moved toward the protester, and told her that she could take the mic while she left. The room erupted in support for Mrs. Obama to stay and someone next to Ellen Sturtz told her to leave. As she was escorted out she said that she is a lesbian who wants equal rights before she died. Ellen Sturtz wants President Obama to sign an executive order that would protect 22% of the federal contractor workforce. It’s a law that would protect LGBT people who work for government contractors. Someone (Code Pink) said it was the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) but ENDA is a Congressional Act, not a Presidential order.

Here are my problems with what Ellen did:

1. She took her issue with President Obama and decided that heckling his wife was the best way to address the President?

2. She paid $50,000 to Democrats in 2008 for the General Election (I guarantee you she’s a Hillary supporter. Hillary supporters secretly harbor resentment for President Obama even though the Clintons are political royalty who…well…haven’t seemed to earn the respect and admiration that gay people give them. I mean, Clinton signed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and Hillary only wanted Civil Unions in 2008, which was a step above President Obama) and paid $500 for Tuesday’s event to get her face broken by the First Lady of the United States. She’s operating like a loser.

Girl, what?

$500?! Girl, what?

3. However, she may wind up winning because she’s a white woman who is already saying that she’s not afraid of a black woman getting in her face, even if she was completely wrong about it. I know that women don’t have it completely fair in life, but honestly it seems like sometimes white women in particular have a plight that is relatively easy compared to minorities of both genders. Like, second easiest plight in life behind white men. Like a good skinny blond white woman crying on every national news outlet about the black man who actually didn’t abduct her kids because she killed them, this woman is now screaming like she’s a victim and will get 15 minutes of fame from it. Meanwhile Michelle Obama is made out to look like Tami Roman from Basketball Wives. White privilege sucks! ::Fights the air::

4. Ms. Sturtz is not doing anything productive for gay rights. Her issues are addressed to the wrong person and people are paying attention more to the fact that you offended one of the most popular and beloved women in America than to a law that President Obama could sign. Furthermore, it’s a private home! This was about nothing more than causing a scene for some attention. I would have escorted that ho out myself if it was my home. Probably at gunpoint. It would have gotten real black(er) than it already was real quick.

5. She’s a lesbian named Ellen and it blows that she’s not as cool as our other beloved lesbian named Ellen.

Keene Point of View - Ellen DeGeneres

The Ellen we adore.
(Credit: Wikipedia)

Gay people have got to do better. I thought gays were more highly educated than most. I mean, all this public disturbance and yelling at people in private homes? How far did ACT UP get? (Apparently very far with reducing drug costs for HIV patients. Did they just randomly heckle politicians’ wives in private homes, though? No.) How about H. Rapp Brown versus MLK, Jr.? It reminds me of that on some level.

In closing, Michelle Obama is not the one to mess with like this. Unlike Barack Obama, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is from Chicago, Illinois, and wasn’t raised by White people who often bury anger or avoid confrontation as President Obama was raised. Clearly, Meesh Obama ain’t the one. She stares idiots in the face and confronts them in her own way. I love that she does this. I love that she did this. Mrs. Obama was prepared to give a speech in a private home to some high-paying supporters, and had to check a chick and let her know the real deal. She was all…

Michelle Obama - Keene Point of View Excuse Me?


Do you agree with Michelle Obama? Someone said it wasn’t her finest moment, but that was a man who doesn’t have to encounter conservative criticism with a racist core.


Audio of the incident: http://www.thedailybeast.com/videos/2013/06/05/michelle-obama-takes-on-heckler-audio.html

Code Pink (“a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement”) tweeted about it, stupidly. They basically said that Michelle Obama should have said, “You is kind. You is important. Thank you for interrupting me, Miss Ellen!” Explain to me how you’re supposed to be on the same side and agree with 98% of what President Obama stands for, claim to understand how a political process works, and take to heckling him when you need his support of your goals because he’s just not moving fast enough as your dictator king. There is an entire amphitheater of seats in which you should go sit, Code Pink.


Is there anything else Code Pink would like Mrs. Obama to do? Wash their laundry? Take out the trash? Babysit their children because she’s so “clean”? They know good and well if Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, or Nancy Reagan had reacted in the same way, they’d be lauding them.


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  1. What do you mean “How far did ACT UP get?” They got the drug approval process speeded up and got price reductions for drugs.

    • jamin says:

      Yeah, I see that now. My bad. What I researched before pointed to nothing but protests but didn’t give the outcome. I was barely in school when they started and all I remember hearing was noise but didn’t see or remember a resolution.

  2. Laughlin girl says:

    Great take on this. Michelle should have done just what she did. I am very proud of her … Her being the First Lady and all ( haha). She is still a lady, a Black, tall , elegant, real good talker, caring, educated, mother , wife and a hero to so many more now. I say “you go girl.”

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