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| June 7, 2013 | 4 Comments

HAPPY FRIDAY FROM KEENE POINT OF VIEW! I am really excited about this week’s video! I hope you enjoy and love the heck out of it!

This week:

  • The NSA’s wiretapping ain’t really news, in my opinion, when you consider everything else America has done to its citizens.
  • I got to chat with some Atheists this week on my blog.
  • There is a man who thanked God for getting him off of his murder charge of a Craigslist escort who didn’t have sex with him after he paid. I have issues with that.
  • It’s Gay Pride weekend in DC and Los Angeles (HAPPY PRIDE!), but sadly some men near Iverson Mall in Prince George’s County, Maryland, are not proud of being gay but will gladly take money from gay bottoms for “good sex” because the straight men are out of work and need money. Do they need a pimp? I’m asking for a friend.
  • Finally, I speak out for a friend against someone who is taking legal action against her for stuff she’s not doing.

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  1. TajMahal says:

    YES! He pronounced it right! I’LL get you a drank just for THAT! LOL

    That Craigslist story is a HOT mess.

    It’s Gay Pride weekend in Boston this weekend, too! I’ve never been, so my friend invited me. I’ve always looked on from a distance feeling too much like an outsider to joing the festivities, but I thought “Damn, they are having a ball!” (No pun intended.) So, now I’m going to see what it’s like.

    On the gay for pay guys…I’m sayin’, though, women might pay for sex. O.O
    I get it for free from my husband, so I’m all set, but I’m just saying… are they not trying to expand that market and diversify their prospects? Talkin’ ’bout they’re straight. Ok, sirs. But what do I know?

  2. TajMahal says:

    But then again, women get sex too easily to pay for it. Nevermind. I see the logic. Get that money!

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