Some Celebrities Are Stupid

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Russell Brand, Serena Williams, and now Paula Deen. Some celebrities are smart. Some celebrities are stupid. Two of these are celebrities who should shut up more because they’re stupid. Shockingly, it’s not the one you think who should talk more. It’s this guy.


Russell Brand
Credit: CNN

Looking at this picture you’d think that he would say something stupid. Russell’s brand of comedy isn’t one that I’m typically here for, but reading about this on the Web (I didn’t have the energy to turn on the TV to hear what he was saying when I saw this picture tweeted). However, according the the Web, Russell Brand has a very high IQ, is a gun-owner, and had some very good thoughts about gun control and the NSA scandal. Apparently he’s intelligent, which you would never guess from the way he acts. So, until more information can be disproved, Russell is a celebrity who should be allowed to speak more. It would be nice if he’d do it in his own country and speak on issues going on there instead of a country where he isn’t a citizen. He also devastated the Morning Joe hosts on MSNBC today and took over their own show.


Serena Williams
Credit: Sports Illustrated

“I can’t even” with this story here. So, you know how rape isn’t about attraction, but about a show of power or force over another individual? Yes, it is a form of sex abuse (and, sadly, it feels like sex should feel but your body is doing what does – react – and your mind is reeling and wants to escape your body – it’s a horrible feeling is what I’m saying). And rape has nothing to do with the woman, no matter how drunk, naked, or teasing she is. In order to stop rape, why aren’t we telling men, “Don’t rape”? So, yesterday, Serena Williams was quoted giving her opinion on the the Steubenville rape case. Serena said that the victim shouldn’t have put herself in that position. Serena can have all the seats in Kingdom Hall on that one. For real, though? As a woman you’re blaming the girl for getting raped? Most rapists are guys the girl already knows and most aren’t dressed in a provocative manner that arouses lust. I know women who have been raped in dresses and in T-shirts and jeans. I can’t believe that, as a woman, she thinks that rape has to do with a woman being a tease and basically insinuating that she got what she deserved for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and not dressing like a Puritan. She’s since apologized for what she said, but it’s been said, Serena. You need more education on the matter. This is just dumb and I have to ask that you stop speaking out on things as a celebrity. Just stick to tennis, boo. I just don’t know how that came up in conversation or why she would choose to speak on it. Or why she doesn’t know how dumb she sounds.

Paula Deen Credit: Radar Online

Paula Deen
Credit: Radar Online

Finally, the Internet is abuzz today with news of celebrity chef and wealthy slave-owner descendant Paula Deen being recorded in a deposition for a lawsuit in which she and her brother are being sued by a former employee citing racism and sexual harassment for $1.2 million. The White Power Matriarch was recorded as saying that she uses the N-word in jokes and in life, and that she refers to President Obama as the n-word. She also said she was planning a wedding party and wanted black people to be used as slaves. The Bigoted Butter Belle reminisced about a Civil War-themed restaurant she and her husband had attended where blacks were the wait staff and were dressed in tuxedos. She referred to them as slaves, considering the theme of the restaurant, and thought that was just as peachy as one of her Type II Diabetes-inducing cobblers! Her staff, being Ray Charles to the news today, tweeted this gem (which is now removed from her Twitter feed – darn!):


Really, sis?

The best reaction against ignorance is education…and maybe some fists in the face once in a while. So, Black Twitter took to the Twitter streets to hijack the “PaulasBestDishes” hashtag and so much hilarity ensued.



See what we did there? I love it! So, yeah, Paula, hopefully you’ll get a lesson in watching what words come out of your mouth and take a well-deserved hit. I don’t like stereotyping, but when a wealthy Southern descendant of a wealthy slave owner says stuff like this, I really can’t be too surprised. What’s said in secret is now exposed. I hope that people react accordingly.

Some celebs need to shut up completely. What do you think? Is Serena dumb? Is Russell smart? Is Paula not racist?


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