Rachel Jeantel: A Real Friend

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This is the face of a friend. This is the face of Trayvon Martin’s friend, Rachel Jeantel. When we first met her (Wednesday June 26, 2013), Rachel appeared to not take too kindly to being summoned to court. There were jokes about her wanting to make a 4 p.m. hair appointment and already being “over it” (the trial). However, as I paid more attention via live stream, I noticed several things:

  • Rachel wasn’t eloquent
  • Rachel struggled interpreting questions and English
  • Rachel was a low-talker
  • Rachel got annoyed with the same questions being asked of her in 10 different ways and trying to make her look like a liar
  • Rachel told the truth about her actions in the past and about everything related to the case, no matter how much Zimmerman’s defense attorney tried to wear her down (and use every sneaky trick in the book).

I hope the jury looks past her appearance because while she looks normal to me, the 5 white women who heard her testify that Trayvon Martin referred to George Zimmerman as a “creepy ass cracker” might not like what she said and how she looked. How she talked. Her demeanor after such long questioning.

I like Rachel. I like Rachel a lot. I support her and want to know where I can sign up for the #TeamRachel T-shirt. She’s Trayvon’s friend. She’s the person who was the last person who heard Trayvon alive and didn’t piece it together until later that she was listening to someone run for his life. Unfortunately, Trayvon didn’t make it as Zimmerman intentionally pursued him, twice, until he could attack Trayvon unprovoked. Rachel stuck to her story over these last two days and I applaud her. I wish America would stop making fun of her. They made fun of how she looked and acted. They made fun of her low talking. They made fun of her command of English, but she later admitted that English is her third language after (Haitian) Creole and Spanish. Not many Americans know more than English and can barely master that, so, America? Lay off.

If there’s ever a need to testify to support me, I’d hope for a friend like Rachel – one who is real, sticks to her story, and isn’t frazzled by attempts to call her anything but a good friend.


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