Sinus Friday: No New Episode!

| July 5, 2013 | 0 Comments

Everyone, I apologize for the way my sinus passages are created. It’s their fault that there isn’t a new episode today. I say this because it’s true. I had a cold that started last Friday and got worse by yesterday. I went to urgent care in the city where I’m on vacation for the 4th of July weekend. I was going to do a video anyway because it would have easy and fun to have a different background. However, the cold virus may have been dying out but it made its whore cousin, Bacteria, take up residence in my temple of the Holy Spirit. NPR has Science Friday and Keene Point of View has Sinus Friday today. Ugh.

So, sinus infection. Blah. I pray that I improve because yesterday was okay, but not fun. I sound like how Rihanna looks here.

So, there was a lot of explaining that I didn’t have anything contagious, even though my friend told everyone I had the flu. Jerk! Anyway, even though there isn’t a new video, please enjoy one of my old ones. Such as my first one:

Then, there’s the one I did for Inauguration where I talked about how Alicia Keys should never sing another tribute song to President and Mrs. Obama because, just, no, Alicia. No!

Then, there is the one where I cried at the end discussing how a porn star and his husband killed themselves because they couldn’t be married legally here in the United States and one of them needed a green card as they were both facing expulsion from Canada (one to France, one to the U.S.). It’s sadder now because DOMA is overturned. If they had just waited a few more months…

And finally, there’s the one from last week, if you haven’t seen it. I talk about the crazy news week we had last week. It…it was just too much. “Swing low, sweet chariot coming.”

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