Christians vs Gays: An Unnecessary Fight

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I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th extended weekend in the U.S.  I went out of town for vacation and had a nice time, aside from my cold that turned into a sinus infection that is affecting my ear. (It won’t fully open! No, your remedies won’t help, either, because I’ve tried them all. Thanks, though.) I happen back online today to see what’s happening in the world of gays, Christians, and politics, and see that conservative Christians are still butt-hurt over the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and are vowing to somehow get them to change their mind, or something. Christians vs Gays is such an unnecessary fight.

First, it makes you sound stupid as a Christian, because you begin to fall back on name-calling and ignorant statements about gay people while you claim to love them. For instance, Pat Robertson said that Facebook should have a Vomit button instead of the Like button when you see something gay-related on Facebook.

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How is this helping you share Jesus with gay people, Pat? I’ll wait. Because I’m sure that Jesus would say there should be a Vomit button for gay-related posts on Facebook. It makes me want to vomit thinking of you getting romantic with your wife, but I just keep those thoughts to myself.

And finally, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which says they aren’t a religious group, but believe in the tradition of a sanctified marriage before God between one man and one woman, for life (even though they are doing nothing to stop divorce rates in this country), recently gave an interview through their communications director, Thomas Peters. He abruptly cut off the interview. He had prepared statements opposing gay marriage but the interviewer made the point to ask how NOM could stand against gay marriage when there have been gay adoptions and gays raising kids for some time. He said that he sees gay adoption as a separate issue unrelated to gay marriage, which is a lie, considering this quote from NOM about gay adoptions.



I have no problem with NOM existing as an exercise of freedom and free speech in this country, but when they actively divorce themselves from the Bible (which, arguably, gives you some support in your opposition to gay marriage, but I don’t fully excuse it at all) and say that they’re just standing up for tradition, how can they not see that they are hateful bigots? Also, that communications director, Thomas Peters, shouldn’t be so vocal against gays. I’m just saying. When you look like this

Like...THIS is your national communications director speaking out AGAINST gays? I took one look at his picture and said, "Oh, he's gay. No? Wait, what? Okay. Whatever. Just wait..."

Like…THIS is your national communications director speaking out AGAINST gays? I took one look at his picture and said, “Oh, he’s gay. No? Wait, what? Okay. Whatever. Just wait…”

you’ll probably be busting down the closet doors sooner than later. I hope that he doesn’t hate himself for too long, though, and come to an unfortunate end.

So, Christians, this whole fight is pointless. You’ve been steadfast against the “gay agenda” for some time now and you’ve lost. Also, you have no new followers to show from it, but you have many new anti-Christians because of your stance against gay people.

 photo 1038_88f1_zpsc30010a9.gif

Gay marriage will soon be nationally recognized and Christians will have two choices – either continue to base Christianity on the ability to call gay people every vile and disgusting thing you can think of, or actually get to know gay people and stop thinking of the sex they may or may not be having. Love people unconditionally and stop hearing the word, “gay,” and then start talking about “change”. How would you feel if all you ever heard from someone was how you need to change when you’re just trying to talk to them about a problem you’re having or a shared love of a television show? You’d feel annoyed and never want to talk to them again. That’s how it is for gay people dealing with Christians who only think of gays as sex-crazed maniacs and not creations of God in need of love and a Savior, just like every Christian. Also, stop using a change in sexual orientation as the only reason a gay person needs to get saved. Jesus died for more than that. (But what you can get used to is the fact that most will not change their orientation even after getting saved.)

There are things like injustices, rapes, lack of adequate public education, and increasing poverty and hunger in America, yet y’all are focused on what two dudes might or might not be doing together. Get your priorities in order and stop being jerks and blaming Satan for everything going wrong that is mostly your own fault. Refocus on Jesus and love.

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