Pro-Lifers Make My Weave Itch

| July 10, 2013 | 2 Comments

With all the news about the Texas Senate’s restrictive abortion bill, SB5; Texas’s House passing a restrictive abortion bill that prohibits abortions after 20 weeks, mandates that doctors only perform abortions at surgical centers, and requires doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals; and the GOP is adamant that men are the only viable spokespeople on abortion (no women ever seem available to be the public face of this fight, but women are the ones having abortions), I’m growing weary of Pro-Lifers. They make my weave itch.

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“Pat yo’ weave, ladies. Pat, pat, pat yo’ weave ladies…”

I was once pro-life. Well, I guess I was more anti-abortion than pro-life, because I am still in favor of the death penalty in some cases. I’ll sit with that more as I grow older, though. It might change. Maybe.

I used to think that abortion was the wholesale slaughter of innocent lives; a heinous act that deserved the toughest legal defenses imaginable, and prayed for the day that Roe v. Wade would be overturned. That was until the day that I heard, firsthand, personal stories of botched illegal abortions leading to the deaths of mothers and how some mothers would have survived to have more children in the rare instance that an abortion would have saved their lives. I also learned more about miscarriages, which is a form of abortion. I learned about the extremes that some mothers go through to get rid of a rapist’s baby, even when the rapist is her husband or parent. I learned, through friends who had them, about how abortion is not an easy decision to make. I learned that sometimes others force them into doing it, and they wind up hating that person (often their own mothers) and themselves, celebrating quiet solitary birthday parties in the dark on the due date for the child they didn’t have. (Then you have the people I know who are Pro-Life but have had abortions in the past and even counsel others to have them if they choose – and have offered to pay. Listen…I…I can’t even wrap my mind around…oy.)

Look, I know they "teach" abortion first for crisis pregnancies, but what if abortion is the only solution? What about when God does it as a miscarriage? OH, YES, I WENT THERE!

Look, I know they “teach” abortion first for crisis pregnancies, but what if abortion is the only solution? What about when God does it as a miscarriage? OH, YES, I WENT THERE!

Clearly, the decision to abort a fetus/baby is not one taken lightly and it has tremendous emotional implications that no amount of laws will help prevent. If it’s indeed a heart issue, laws don’t change hearts and minds. Otherwise, racism would be a thing of the past with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, right?

So, I’m now pro-choice, but I can only ultimately stand on the sideline in this fight. Why? Because I’m not a woman! I could only really get involved if I impregnated a woman and had a child on the way that I wanted that she didn’t want. Otherwise, I just have an opinion. I want a woman to be safe and have an abortion in a safe facility if she chooses to do so.

This wouldn't be an issue if men could get pregnant. Abortions would be available at pharmacies.

This wouldn’t be an issue if men could get pregnant. Abortions would be available at pharmacies.

I’ve heard some Pro-Lifers say that the women who are legally barred from having an abortion but have one illegally deserve to die (I guess they forget that she’s carrying an unborn child who also dies). That’s valuing life? Some Pro-Life advocates have firebombed abortion clinics and celebrate any resulting deaths from it. That’s valuing life? Many Pro-Life advocates are against public systems supporting the mother of the child she can’t financially care for because now she’s lazy and should put herself to work in an economy that isn’t hiring anyone, but, you know, she just needs to look harder. So, it’s one thing to protect the baby to carry it full-term, but it’s quite another to not protect the life of the infant once it’s born. How is that pro-life?



Some Pro-Lifers are even against providing medical care for mothers while they are pregnant because the baby isn’t born yet. The baby isn’t born yet to be considered a person deserving of medical care, but you’re in favor of viewing the unborn baby as a viable life deserving of legal treatment? This makes my weave itch and makes me pull it out, leaving only a short kicky summer hairdo, a sure-fire sign of a person who’s had enough.



No one I know who is Pro-Choice is Pro-Abortion. No one I know who is Pro-Life is Pro-Life all the way. If one group would just say what they stand for (anti-abortion), I think we could actually find common ground between the two groups. Many Pro-Choice advocates are against abortion, too.

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  1. Laughlin girl says:

    I know of 8 women who have had abortions and 4 said they did it because it was not the right time to have a baby. They wanted to finish college then have a proper wedding not have a child before the wedding. One said her father would actually kill her because the baby was by a black man, her father despised Blacks. He had no idea both of his white daughters were going with black men at the time. One said the baby was not her husband’s that she knew for a fact. The other two were more or less on the same page, the boyfriends mother paid for it because her son had a scholarship and she did not want in to lose it by being a father too soon. The other young girl had a four year free ride to a well known college she found out 3 weeks before high school gradation that she was with child her mother made her abort it which at the time was fine with her . Now even over 3o years later and 4 children later she cannot get the aborted baby out of her mind. She dreams about a little girl that never looks past the age of 6 or 7 the little girl is always following her or leading her down a long road lined with flowers if all kinds. This dream has been coming and going with her since the night before her first college graduation. She said she knows it is her aborted baby and when her time comes to leave this earth her little girl will come for get.there is not e bought time or room for me to give the conversations she said she had had with her child. The last person I know that had one I know I said 8 but she said she had one child by the father they were already living as man and wife ( with out the actual marriage) he told her he did not want any more she had it done. 3 years later the had the big typical wedding 5 other children. She said never thinks about it it was just a blip that had to go .(sad). I know women who have said to me or said in my presence if the daughters became preg while a teen they would drive them to the abortion clinic themselves. As for me I am against abortion but when you hear if men and women beating their children to death it shaking them to death it really makes me ponder my stand.

    • jamin says:

      That is exactly my point. I’m against it too, but I just can’t stand by and say that the life and safety of the woman is inconsequential to the life of the baby when you consider things like men threatening to kill (and even killing) the women for having the child. And things like a 9 year old being made to carry a child to full term because her father got her pregnant.

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