Keene Point of View – Episode 26: One Nation Under God

| July 15, 2013 | 4 Comments


This week – “One Nation Under God”. Enjoy my sinus-y voice! I talk about the FARRM Bill and poverty in America; the new-and-improved Not-Boy Scouts (now with non-flaunting gays); and how Christians have let down America by replacing their faith with political ideology. It’s a read/rant/dragging. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Laughlin girl says:

    I want to comment on we Christians. I think that most Christians are the most criticizing , stiff necked, hard hearted,judge mental people on the earth. Notice I said “Most”. We can be the first to jump to the negative then say sweetly”honey Jesus loves you”.
    We most times think of Christianity as a religion.I am a Christian and mine is not a religion, mine is a Life Style.
    When Jesus the Christ left this earth He told His disciples “they will know you by your love ” the love we are to have for each other ” . It is hard for me to listen to tv “Christian Preachers” who preach only to love them if they are not gay not black or etc. The Jesus I serve died for the entire world not just the Whites,the Blacks the Reds,the Yellows, the Browns but the whole world. Christians it is time to stand up or shut up. Where is the love? Could Jesus pick us out of the crowd as His or would we blend. I want to stick out like a sore thumb different from the blending crowd .

  2. Laughlin girl says:

    Travon Martin is dead. His parents will never go to his graduations, never see him at his own wedding,never hear him say hi mom hi dad happy Mother’s Day happy Father’s Day .. Never open a Christmas gift from him or for him. Never see his children their grand children ..

    George Zimmerman did not show any remorse on tv during the trial No . If he has a conscience he will think about this for the rest of his life. And he will know what really happened that night his conscience will beat him daily or run him crazy.
    We have to forgive him God was the only eye witness besides Travon and Travon is gone. God will judge and we all have answer tomHim when it is all over anyway.
    Don’t let hate eat at us for the injustice in this world.. Let us educate our young to prepare them for the future hoping for peace and love

    • jamin says:

      Okay, that first paragraph made me cry. He won’t get to do that anymore. I don’t have hate for Zimmerman, I just have rage at him and what the verdict represents for all of us. And Juror B37…may God have mercy on her prejudiced, racist soul. She is a disgusting human being.

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