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I was out-of-town at my aunt’s funeral this past weekend. I was asked to spend the weekend with the family, and aside from one other outside cousin, I was the only one who wasn’t a sibling or offspring who spent time with the family in the homes. Everyone else in the family came up for the funeral and went home the same day. I was touched to be asked.

I had the opportunity to talk to some friends of my cousins about not going to church on Sunday. Look, y’all, I had 3 hours of sleep Friday night after baking two pans of macaroni and cheese, after getting into town at 11 and not being able to cook until 12. Insanity. So, I informed my cousin that I didn’t want to go to church. They didn’t feel like going, either. So, I started talking to one of their friends about church and Christianity in general. Then I told him about my project – the intersection of gay issues, Christianity, and politics. We agreed that the church has been perverted in America and Christianity has been so misused. We don’t need to take stands against perceived agendas. We’re about people’s hearts, not acting like everything is an affront to us requiring the most hale and hearty defenses.

Then I was able to talk to my cousin’s sister-in-law who is a minister and we talked about the gay thing from the Bible and what’s actually written there versus what has been taught for years. Then we agreed on the issue surrounding gay marriage and how that changed since Genesis 4, and how people cannot really stand up against a civil right that they enjoy and say, “Well, that’s just what comes with it. Nothing to do with religion, sure, but it’s a reward for following God’s example.” She questioned who married Adam and Eve. No ceremony was written in Genesis and they seemed to have just said, “Boom, okay, we’re together.”

I was most struck by how comfortable I’ve become in these years. I openly talked about my dating history along with theirs and it wasn’t like I was a science project. I was me, comfortably so, and not concerned about what others thought, even among my Southern macho men cousins. I just kept hearing my dad’s voice telling me that not share anything with anyone about myself, but they could share as much as they wanted to because society is okay with it.

Well, to that I say, “Hi, society. I take up space and will do so affirmatively from now on. Just like you feel strong because you’re accepted, I demand the same treatment.” I felt so good thinking about it while driving home. I take up space. I’m here. I matter. I like this place of strength; this strong space.

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