Keene Point of View | Episode 28 – Freaky, Sneaky, Greedy, Needy

| July 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Happy Friday! It’s been a freaky, sneaky, greedy, and even needy week.

This week: Anthony Weiner showed off his…I won’t say it…PENIS. Bob McDonnell threw his whole family under the bus in his scandal. You can actually find God in the horror movie, The Conjuring. The United Kingdom has gay marriage in England and Wales, but Scotland is going to do its own law and Northern Ireland will never have it as long as there is breath in its citizen’s bodies. Finally, Juror B27 from the George Zimmerman case had the nerve to show her face and say that Zimmerman got away with murder, but she couldn’t make it a hung jury, even though she knew in her heart that George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin. I invite her to have all the seats in Christendom on that one. Thanks for watching! Enjoy! – visit and subscribe – follow me on Twitter (@KeenePOV) – “Like” my Facebook Fan Page

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