GOP Threatens NBC & CNN With Lunacy

| August 6, 2013 | 0 Comments

In an hilarious yet sad article that I read on Politico, the head of the Republican Party, Reince Priebus, said that that Grand Old Party (GOP – the Republican Party) would not participate in debates on NBC and CNN if they aired two documentaries about the life of former Secretary of State/Senator/First Lady/Chanteuse/Heroine/Amazon/Mighty Renowned Sorceress Hillary Clinton.


There are several problems I have with Reince speaking out against Hillary Clinton’s movies:

  1. Who is watching NBC these days? Who will see this documentary?
  2. I know a lot of people watch CNN, but not as many watch Fox News, so if you have the #1 cable news network in your pocket already as the GOP, what are you worried about?
  3. Is Reince afraid that people might actually like Hillary now more than anyone the GOP can throw at the 2016 Presidential Primary?
  4. I am honestly okay with the GOP not being on NBC or CNN for their Presidential Primary debates. Those were a clustermess of a messcluster, and did nothing to help anyone see what the GOP was about. It was full of people who were self-promoting douche nozzles and did crap-all to help the image of the GOP rise above being a party that is a group of out-of-touch idealists who cater to old rich white men.
  5. Does Reince want a movie about his life instead? What has he done that has been as “big” as what Hillary has done?
  6. Doesn’t Reince realize that some people may interpret two movies about Hillary’s life to be overkill and more of the same idea that she “deserves” to be President, which sunk her the last time?
  7. What I really want to know is if there will be a lot of coverage of Bill Clinton in his heyday charming American voters with his words, power, swagger, and come-hither-and-vote-for-me eyes.

You’ll do anything this man asks.

Honestly, GOP, let the movies play. You have CNN in your pocket for about 65% of the time now and Fox is all in with you. No one is watching NBC, really, and I don’t think these movies will help boost their ratings in the long-term. You need to focus on your reputation and looking at your party’s platform, seeing as how you’re alienating a lot of Americans these days. Also, start practicing what you preach. How can you be all for fiscal responsibility, yet think that “spreading democracy” through violent military offenses with a runaway unpaid-for defense budget is good for the economy? And stop telling women to not use birth control, not have abortions, yet provide no funding for her to get help in raising the child she carried to term because you cut food stamps, public assistance, and anything else she might need to help give her child a head start.

You have bigger things to fix, GOP, than a movie about a woman who will have to fight as hard as any nominee you put forth for the 2016 Presidential Primary. America doesn’t like you and that is what you need to worry about.

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